Christopher Hadley

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My “real” job is as a University Computer Officer, so I am a system administrator in the Computer Lab with a particular interest in making the network behave itself (among many other things). The University being what it is I also do a lot of good old-fashioned moving-bits-of-paper-around administration (although these days it is more moving-Excel-workbooks-around). So, for example I am in charge of all the arrangements for Part IA exams.


I have been a bye-fellow and Director of Studies since Jan 1992 (Gosh! more than 20 years!). My most notable achievement is probably setting up the first college website in 1993, against considerable scepticism from the rest of the fellowship – what was this new-fangled interweb thing and why should we take it seriously? It was probably the first college website in Cambridge, and for many years I wrote 100% of the content, took all of the pictures etc.


Since then, with a few short gaps, I’ve been on every single computer-related college committee. What fun.

I was a University Proctor 1994-7, which was bizarre, anachronistic, and quite enjoyable. Nowadays it involves regulating University Societies, overseeing examinations, and being in charge of various University functions, like Degree Ceremonies. It involved wearing silly clothes and speaking Latin – what’s not to like?

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