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Postgraduate Accommodation

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Postgraduate Accommodation

We can offer postgraduate students requiring single-occupancy accommodation a room for the duration of their studies. Residence fees are fixed so do not change for the duration of your course - no inflationary or other increases. Heat, light, power, internet, and contents insurance are all included.

There are three accommodation areas available for postgraduate students requiring single-occupancy accommodation - Swirles Court where most postgraduates reside, the Grange, a manor house on the Main College site and Girton Gate, a large house across the road from the Main College site. We may have a small selection of properties for couples and students with children, however, these are not available every year.

The standard tenancy is 49 weeks, that runs from, in 2024, from 24 of September 2024 until 2 September 2025. Shorter tenancies, related to course length, are available by arrangement at the outset for students on courses that end before August. The shortest tenancy ends 15 July 2025. In certain circumstances, including if the student is continuing to the following year, their tenancy can be extended to 52 weeks.

Swirles Court

Swirles Court consists of single state-of-the-art en-suite study bedrooms with kitchen facilities shared between four and eight students. Swirles Court is the primary accommodation area for Girton’s postgraduates and is located in Eddington, West Cambridge, easily accessible to both central Cambridge and the Main College site.

The Grange

The Grange is a large house on the Main College site that comprises 12 standard rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. 

Girton Gate

Girton Gate is a large house across the road from the Main College site that comprises 9 standard rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. 

Family and Couple Accommodation

The College has a small amount of family/couple accommodation. The properties range from 1 to 3 bedrooms and are self-contained with their own kitchen, bathroom and living room with study facilities. They are located on or close to the main College site and are walking/cycling distance from Swirles Court.  Due to current tenancies we do not expect availability for 2024/2025.

The Application and Allocation Process

  • Please apply for accommodation only once you have received an offer of a place at Girton College by completing an accommodation application form  
  • Priority will be given to students who apply for accommodation and meet all of their course offer and College entry conditions by 31 July 2024. 
  • Offers of accommodation will be emailed out from August. Your room will only be confirmed once you have met all your University and College conditions of admission. The Postgraduate Office informs the Accommodation Office when they have been met.
  • Please apply for a room by 16 June 2024 by completing the application form 
  • Current Postgraduates will be able to apply for rooms in Swirles Court as individuals or in groups of up to eight students. If students apply in groups, as far as possible, we will try to keep the groups together, however, due to the size of flats, groups may be split up or be accommodated with other groups or individuals.
  • If you are renewing your tenancy you will be able to remain in your accommodation for the full 52 weeks and will not be required to move out in September.
  • Accommodation will be allocated from August onwards for new postgraduates and from July for current / continuing postgraduates.
  • Offers of accommodation will be emailed to the email address provided on your accommodation application form so if this changes please email:
  • Accommodation will have students from a mixture of courses and nationalities within each household.  Accommodation is usually mixed genders but we may be able to provide single sex accommodation depending upon demand.
  • Accommodation is not guaranteed but most students who apply for single-occupancy accommodation will be offered a room.
  • Couple and family accommodation priorities can be found at: Family and Couple accommodation.

When you signed your tenancy agreement it was for a specified length of time, and you are liable to pay rent for the duration of the tenancy unless the College can re-let your room to another student. Otherwise, only in exceptional circumstances are students allowed to withdraw from the tenancy agreement before the end date and the Accommodation Office has no authority to grant this request. The process for applying to end your tenancy early is as follows:

  1. Before completing the form discuss with your tutor your reasons for wishing to end the tenancy.
  2. Complete the application form here, giving a full explanation of your reasons.
  3. Your application will then be carefully considered by the Tutors’ Committee, who will let you know as soon as possible. They may request further information from you.

Please note that the following are not normally reasons for ending your tenancy early:

  • starting a job elsewhere,
  • distance from your department/friends,
  • moving into private accommodation,
  • financial difficulty – please speak to your tutor about other routes for obtaining financial support

If you obtain permission to intermit from the university for medical or other exceptional reasons, you will not be liable to pay rent while you are on intermission.


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