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Why Girton

Whoever you are, whatever your background, you are very welcome here at Girton.

We are a College that knows and takes an interest in every student as an individual. There is tradition of inclusion, and a well-developed ethic of care. We encourage personal development by offering excellent academic and pastoral support. This environment offers every student the opportunity to achieve their very best. 

College Support 

All Cambridge students are members of a college as well as the University. Broadly-speaking, the University provides teaching and research supervision. The college is the hub of your social and academic community, offering moral support, companionship and intellectual enrichment.

The College has a world-class Fellowship and offers excellent tutorial support and pastoral care. All postgraduates are allocated a Graduate Tutor who maintain a general interest in the well-being and academic progress of his or her students – to advise, encourage and to guide. Tutors normally work in a different academic field from their pupils, and do not teach them; nonetheless they take a close interest in their pupils academic welfare and progress, where necessary intervening to advise and help. If you have any problems concerning your general welfare, academic work, finances, health, or other concerns you should not hesitate to contact your Tutor. For further information about the range of support Girton offers students, see Welfare & Support.

Student community

We have a large, world-wide postgraduate community that contribute towards providing a vibrant, friendly and inclusive experience for all. Our MCR, which is known traditionally known as the Middle Common Room represents a room in College and the graduate student body. They provide social support, representation on College committees and entertainment, see our MCR pages for more information.

Postgraduate Research Awards

The College Awards are open to all members of the College and prospective students who put Girton as their first or second choice on their application form. See Fees, Finance & Funding for more information.

Postgraduate admission

We welcome around 150 new postgraduates each year and accept students for all postgraduate courses. Please visit How to Apply for more information. 

Support network

We have a supportive, approachable team who will help and advise you, from the application stage to Graduation day. 

Outstanding facilities

We offer beautiful, peaceful surroundings with easy access to town. Facilities include high quality accommodation; on-site sports; an indoor swimming pool and a variety of food options. See more here.

Life at Girton

Find out more about living and learning in our friendly, informal and supportive community

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