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Girton Skills Programme

Pick from a range of events and activities to create your bespoke Skills Programme

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The Girton Skills Programme is designed to support you throughout your studies at Girton, whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate.


As well as a dynamic programme that varies from term to term to keep content current and focused, new students will also benefit from;

All new undergraduates:

  • attend three webinars in the weeks before arriving at Girton
  • arrive at Girton a few days before our returning students to attend an induction programme, designed to help you navigate those important first few days and make the best possible start in your Cambridge experience

All new postgraduates:

  • invited to attend a series of webinars designed to introduce you to Girton and Cambridge as well as welcome talks after your arrival

First year undergraduate students are also invited to attend a college based programme of introductory academic skills sessions, during the first 6 weeks of term, designed by us to ensure a successful transition from studying at school to studying and learning at university.

Throughout the year there are talks, drop-in sessions and events open to all Girton students (undergraduates and postgraduates), designed to continue to support your effective studying and learning at all levels. By the end of your time at Girton, you will have built confidence and resilience, and be well-prepared for a successful transition to the next stage in your career.


The Girton Skills Programme Careers Strand includes a series of talks and workshops, some offered in Girton by our colleagues in the University Careers Service

Look out also for our unique Career Accelerator programme and our developing programme of internship and volunteering opportunities.


The Girton Skills Programme Welfare Strand will equip you in your time at Cambridge to deal with the challenges of the world, alongside and above your academic skills.

Welfare provision at Girton is based on the concept of positive psychology with five key principles (positive emotions, engagement, meaning, relationships and accomplishments) and three pillars (positive experiences, positive traits and positive social institutions).

Personal Development Project

Attendance at selected Girton Skills Programme events will allow individual students to accrue credits during the academic year.

These credits, if above a predetermined threshold, will allow you to access a grant towards a personal development project of your choice – travel, technical equipment, internship costs, volunteer work… so many opportunities!

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