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Girton offers a range of financial support to all students, from grants, hardship funds and bursaries, to scholarships and awards in sports, music (organ, instrumental and choral), and for academic achievements. These are available to undergraduate and/or postgraduate students, please check eligibility when applying.

Academic Scholarships and Prizes

These are awarded by the College each academic year, to undergraduate and postgraduate students, who have been nominated by their Director of Studies, or in the case of Postgraduates, their Postgraduate Tutor, and have achieved First Class results in University examinations (or have met the conditions set out in the College Ordinances).

Financial Support

Students who experience financial problems during their time at Girton can apply for financial help from both University hardship funds which take the form of non-repayable grants; and from the College Tutorial Hardship funds which can offer either small grants or larger low-interest loans.

The Academic Fund

Girton has a fund to make small contributions to academic related expenses. To be eligible to apply, you must be an Undergraduate, or a Clinical Medic/Vet student, at the time of the expenditure.

The Academic Fund will be open for applications three times each academic year (once a term). An email will be sent to the JCR/MRC mailing list letting students know when applications open.

Postgraduate Research Awards

Girton College Scholarships and Awards are open to prospective students who have graduated, or will have graduated before 1 October of the year they apply.

Music Awards

Girton offers a wide range of Music Awards. In addition to the Organ and Choral Scholarships awarded on entry to the College, Girton offers University Instrumental Awards, College Instrumental Awards and College Choral Exhibitions to students already in residence. There is also a prestigious College Music Scholarship.

Undergraduate Travel Awards

College travel grants are made via an annual competition which gives around 35 - 40 Travel Awards each year to its undergraduate students. These are for travel in the Long Vacation and range from £150 - £500. The proposed travel does not have to be directly related to academic study.

Sports Awards

The College has a fund to make small contributions to sport related expenses. Grants may be awarded to students to assist in meeting costs incurred while participating in their chosen sport.

Girton stories

Zion Kim


I come from a poor immigrant background, attended a local primary school, and lived in a single room with a family of four. Although my family’s situation has improved significantly … my parents can only dream of supporting me at University. Despite being awarded the maximum student maintenance loan, … I would have had to limit my spending on food and other necessities massively… Granted this bursary I need not worry about this and I am able to focus on academic work. I cannot express my appreciation in words for being allowed to study my subject in stress-free freedom

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