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Academic Scholarships and Prizes

For current undergraduates

Academic Scholarships and Prizes

These are awarded by the College each academic year, to undergraduate and postgraduate students, who have been nominated by their Director of Studies and have achieved First Class results in University examinations (or have met the conditions set out in the College Ordinances).

The Thérèse Montefiore prize and the Laurie Hart Prize are awarded each year to two Part II students. 

  • For the Laurie Hart Prize: intellectual and academic distinction are the sole criteria.
  • For the Thérèse Montefiore Prize: the student's contribution to College life will also be considered.

The prizes are decided by the Mistress and Vice-Mistress, on the basis of nominations made by Directors of Studies and Tutors to the Easter Term meeting of the Education Board. They are awarded in addition to the named scholarship and prizes and have a value of £500.00 each.   

Undergraduate examination candidates who achieve a First are eligible for a Scholarship of £400.00.

Candidates in their final year and continuing as Postgraduate Students at Girton are eligible for an additional Postgraduate Scholarship of £250.00.

Special rules for MML students

First year:

  • First Class in Part IA in one language £200.00
  • First Class in Part IA in two languages £400.00

Second year:

  • First Class in Part IB £400.00

Final Year:

  • First Class in Part II £400.00

Last updated: June 2022

DoS Prize for Outstanding Achievement

Any undergraduate examination candidate who gains the top First in the overall class list, but who is not awarded either of the Thérèse Montefiore or Laurie Hart Prizes, is eligible for a DoS Prize of £400.00.

First Class Prizes

Undergraduate examination candidates who are ranked in the top 25% of the First class, but who are not top of the overall class list, are eligible for a Prize of £100.00.

Special rules for MML students: 

First Class Prizes: All years £150.00.

Achievement Awards

Undergraduate examination candidates who are ranked in the top 10% of the Upper Second class are eligible for an award of £75.00.

Special rules for MML students: 

Achievement Awards: All years £75.00.

Last updated: June 2022

The Tutors’ Prize shall be awarded to a graduating student who has not necessarily gained first-class marks in a Tripos examination, but who has exemplified the College ethos, either within the College or at University or National level. It has a value of £400.00. 

  1. These Scholarships, Prizes and Awards are for one year only, and are made by Council after consideration by the Education Board if possible, on the recommendation of candidates’ Director of Studies. 
  2. Undergraduate examination candidates who take an incomplete set of Examinations of University standard (Preliminary or Tripos) will be eligible for a First Class Prize or Achievement Award, as above.
  3. Special rules apply to MML candidates and are shown below.
  4. Names for Scholarships and Prizes appear in Ordinance XIII.2.

Special rules for MML students

  1. The payment of awards won in the Second Year will normally be deferred for one year until the candidate returns to College from their year abroad.
  2. In all respects other than those specified above, the same rules apply for MML awards as for awards in other subjects.

Last updated: June 2022

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