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Special Bursaries and Funds

For Undergraduates

Special Bursaries and Funds

Other bursaries and financial help are available in certain cases. There are some special bursaries and also specific funds which can provide reimbursement for some expenses. 

The Academic Fund

The Girton Academic Fund can make small contributions to academic related expenses.

To be eligible to apply, you must be an Undergraduate, or a Clinical Medic/Vet student, at the time of the expenditure.

You should approach your Faculty or Department and/or other College funds in the first instance. The Committee will refer applications to other appropriate funds where possible.

The Academic Fund will be open for applications once a term. 

Applications to the Academic fund will close in the second half of each term. There will be an additional opportunity to apply to the Academic fund at the start of Michaelmas term.

Michaelmas: 6 October 2023; 24 November 2023

Lent: 8 March 2024

Easter: 7 June 2024


  • Students should apply online. The application form will be available here.
  • A maximum of £350 per student per year can be awarded from this Fund.
  • Claims should be submitted, with receipts, after expenses have been incurred. Please contact if this will cause financial difficulties for you. 
  • Students may be asked to write a short statement about how the Academic Fund helped them, in order to publicise the fund.

 If you have any questions about the Academic Fund please contact the Financial Welfare Office (

Applications to cover the following will be considered:

  • A contribution to College rent when students stayed out of the residence period for academic reasons, at the discretion of the committee depending on demand and on available funds. This may only be at a percentage of the daily rate.
  • A contribution towards non-compulsory field trip expenses, provided the Travel fund has been approached first.
  • A contribution to support internships with additional costs. Girton’s Academic Support Fund is able to support students with the cost of taking up an internship, where there is a shortfall between the pay received from the employer and essential expenditure for accommodation, travel and/or maintenance. Please note that the College will not support any costs associated with unpaid internships or unpaid work experience, e.g accommodation, travel and maintenance costs. The College takes the view that unpaid positions create inequality of opportunity for students, which is in conflict with our commitment to a Widening Participation agenda. Internships and work experience opportunities that pay at least national minimum wage ensure that economically less advantaged students can afford to apply for these opportunities without creating financial worry for them and their families. 
  • A contribution to exceptional dissertation or coursework expenses but not usually for printing.
  • A contribution to other academic related work, with a strong case from your Director of Studies. This can include compulsory farm-based practice during vacations for Veterinary Science students, or top up funding for course related travel for a year abroad, where a student is travelling further afield than is usual.
  • The maximum UK transport costs that can be claimed is the equivalent of a second class rail fare on a student railcard, where practicable.
  • Applications for a second CULP Language course, subject to DOS confirmation that it is related to the course.

The following will NOT be considered:

  • Expenses due to resits or College examinations out of the residence period.
  • Compulsory field trips advertised as part of the course.
  • Purchase of books/digital recordings.
  • Pens, pencils, glue, printing paper, delivery charges.
  • Course Fees for MPhil.
  • Purchase of software will not normally be considered unless the IT Office confirms that it is not available free to students via the University. Normally any software would be available via the College computers, subject to appropriate licensing.

If you are having difficulty meeting expenses such as those above not covered by the Academic Fund, please approach your Tutor or the Financial Welfare Officer to see if other funds are available.

Harry Barkley fund for Clinical Medical students

Students who receive either a Harry Barkley or Dinah James Award should send a report about their elective (up to 400 words) by the end of Michaelmas term of their 6th year.

The Harry Barkley fund was set up to provide a contribution towards the costs of  the 5th year elective period of training for clinical medical students. It was established from a bequest by Dr Harry Barkley in 1981.

Students should apply by 1st April in their 4th year. Apply here.

Applicants will be asked to provide an outline of the elective proposed, a risk assessment and an estimate of expenses.

Preference will be given to applicants who have a good academic record. Both the academic content of the elective and the financial needs of the applicant will also be considered.

Students are encouraged to attend the Risk Assessment presentation at 6pm on 28 February in the Old Hall.

Applications to this fund which relate to Tropical Medicine or a related Global Health field will be considered for a Dinah James Award. Apply here.

The Dinah James Award was established by a bequest from Professor Dinah James, Visiting Clothworker’s Fellow, 1975-76.


Here are some recommended bursaries and financial help:

This bursary is available for clinical medical students in their 5th and 6th years.

Details of the NHS bursary can be found via the Cambridge Students website.

Any student displaced by the war in Ukraine who is in financial need can apply for extra support. Details of this support can be found here:

Students are encouraged to take one of the language programmes organised by CULP. Students may request partial reimbursement from their College for the fees, for up to two programmes during their undergraduate and/ or postgraduate course.

The current fee is £285 and typically £142.50 can be reimbursed.

Please apply here with your completion certificate and receipt.

Financial Support for Undergraduates

Girton College offers a range of financial support to students

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