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Students with Additional Needs

Information for undergraduates

Students with medical needs

Financial support is available in some cases from the Crane's Charity medical support fund in the form of partial payment of certain expenses incurred by students experiencing physical or mental illness. The treatment applied for should not be conveniently or readily obtainable under the NHS. (Contact your GP in the first instance). Students are encouraged to access all available services from both the University Student Support  (see below) and the NHS before applying to the Fund. This will ensure that only students in the greatest financial need receive assistance.

How to apply?

  1. If you have not already tried to access the required essential medical treatment on the NHS, contact your GP. Find out the estimated NHS waiting list time for your treatment.
  2. If the waiting list for NHS treatment is too long and you are unable to finance private treatment yourself, read the eligibility criteria on the link here
  3. Read the application guidance including looking at the details of the application form. Applications now have to show financial  as well as academic need in addition to medical.
  4. Talk to your College Tutor about applying. You may be asked to see the Nurses.
  5. Use this Word copy of application form to draft your responses, share your application and discuss your needs with your College Tutor, the Nurses and/ or Financial Welfare Officer.
  6. Once you have the support of your Tutor, you can apply online here 
  7. Make sure that you upload a letter from your GP confirming the clinical diagnosis and the recommended treatment you are requesting
  8. You should not start treatment before Cranes have approved an award
  9. For further guidance at any stage, contact the Financial Welfare Officer

University Student Support

includes the following services to students free of charge, all year round:

If you are unsure what NHS service to use, the NHS Symptom Checker might be helpful. 

Students seeking screening for additional needs

Students who believe they would benefit from screening for  possible SpLD, ADHD, or Autism Spectrum Conditions should discuss this first with their Tutor or the Nurses.  There is a new ADRC Neurodiversity Screening Service. Due to the level of demand for the service, the screening service is not available to students who do not meet all the criteria:

  • the student is experiencing significant difficulties with daily learning and/or functioning, and thinks this could be as a result of undiagnosed Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, ADHD and/or Autism


  • the student has not already disclosed a disability or mental health condition at the ADRC, for which they are already eligible for support


  • the student does not already have an existing diagnosis of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, ADHD and/or Autism

Students who do not meet this criteria will be advised to contact their ADRC disability adviser who will be able to review the student’s support & make any additional recommendations for support that are appropriate and necessary. Contact the ADRC here.

Students with disabilities or additional needs

Students with disabilities, students who are neurodiverse or students who are experiencing difficulties can refer to the ADRC ( Accessibility and Resource Centre) for assessment and advice. The ADRC may recommend setting up a Student Support Document (SSD) if they think this would benefit you. Students with home fee status may also be eligible to apply for Disabled Students Allowance

You can access more information about  government support here:

Cambridge University's Accessibility and Resource Centre (ADRC) offers support and advice for UK, EU and International students as well as information about other funds. If UK students require human support (e.g. note-takers, specialist mentoring) they should apply to the Reasonable Adjustments Fund. Students with international fee status can apply to the International Disabled Students’ Fund to fund their support. Here is some further information:

Financial Support for Undergraduates

Girton College offers a range of financial support to students

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