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Costs and Funding

For Prospective and Current Undergraduates

Living costs cover whatever you need to pay for, excluding tuition fees, whilst you are studying at Cambridge. This includes accommodation, food and personal expenses. The University offers a guide to living costs on the Undergraduate Study pages. How much you spend whilst being a student in Cambridge really depends on your lifestyle.

Transport costs in Cambridge are very low. It is a small city with most University buildings within as easy walking or cycling distance from each other. After (perhaps) the initial purchase of a bicycle there are minimal transport costs.

There are situations where mobility needs (temporary or ongoing) may incur costs (e.g. taxis to department). College can provide financial support in most cases.

Girton is proud to offer financial support towards a range of expenses including Sport, Music, Travel and Language classes. These bursaries and grants are yours. They do not need to be repaid and are available to Home and International undergraduate students.

College accommodation is guaranteed for all years of your course which means you do not have to pay commercial rents, deal with private landlords or pay for accommodation when you are not in residence over the summer vacation.

Girton offers a fixed cohort residence change which means you will know how much your undergraduate accommodation is going to cost you for all the years of your course. Our tenancies run throughout the academic year so you do not have the expense or hassle of clearing your room during Christmas and Easter Holidays. From October 2022 we are thrilled to offer a Residence subsidy to any student in receipt of a Cambridge Bursary.

The costs of studying for an undergraduate degree at Cambridge are referred to as Tuition Fees. The fees you are expected to pay depend on whether you are classed as a Home or Overseas student.

Fee status is determined by your nationality and your country of ordinary residence in the three years prior to you starting your course at Cambridge.

The University of Cambridge offers information about Tuition Fees and classification on their Fees and Finance pages

At Cambridge, the government regulated University Tuition Fee for students starting their first undergraduate degree in 2023 will be £9,250. Currently the tuition fee for 2024-25 hasn’t been set.

If this is your first undergraduate degree and your applying for a student loan, the College Tuition Fee is usually paid on your behalf by the government. If you do this you can defer payment of the loan until you have left university and are earning a minimum salary, payable by instalments.

If you are applying for a second undergraduate degree, the costs will be different. 

The UK government does not offer financial support to anyone applying from outside the UK. International students now include students from the EU. All international students must provide a financial guarantee for the duration of their course. 

University Tuition Fees vary depending on the course you’re studying and the latest information can be found on the University's International Fees and Costs website. International students are also required to pay a College Tuition Fee which for Girton in 2023 is £10,658.

Financial support for international students is limited and is primarily available via the Cambridge Trusts. Few full undergraduate scholarships are available – most support is a partial contribution and is means tested. 

Financial Support for Undergraduates

Girton College offers a range of financial support to students

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