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Inspiring world-leading research, enhancing the reputation of Cambridge University

Girton is a crucible for research as well as a centre of teaching and learning. There is a large and growing postgraduate community, a group of funded post-doctoral scholars and a 100-strong Fellowship whose work embraces Science, Medicine and Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts. Exploiting, too, the creativity that comes from interdisciplinarity, here is a flavour of the energy and originality that Girton is home to today.

Fellows' Research Newsletters

This termly newsletter is aimed at celebrating our Fellowship’s achievement and profile. In this communication, we will feature the work and the engagement of Girton’s Fellows across disciplines. We hope that this will help us as a community recognise our intellectual production and dynamism. 

We have tried to include as many items as we could but we are very likely to miss a number of Fellows’ productions. Please email us as often as needed to signal any new research, book, cultural production, or media engagement.

Editors: Liliana Janik & Thomas Roulet

Academic Year 2020-21

The arts

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