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Fees, finance & funding

It is important to understand and plan for the costs involved in studying at Cambridge

Fee Information

University compositions fees are listed on the University website, not all courses cost the same, and it is important to make sure you have identified any additional costs associated with your specific course.

The University Composition Fee is collected by the College, along with any living costs incurred in College (rental of College accommodation, food taken in College).  Students are responsible for paying their tuition fees and living costs on time. They receive a bill at the start of each term and at the start of the long vacation informing them what they have to pay.

Funding and Loans 

  • Full information about university funding opportunities, including a funding search tool can be found on the University website
  • There are a variety of Student loans available to Postgraduate Students, detailed information is available on the University website.

College Prizes, Grants & Bursaries

We have bursaries and prizes available to postgraduate students, these include sports awards and a writing competition, see Scholarships and prizes for more information. 

There is also a fund which is available to current postgraduate students by application, to help with the costs of attending conferences and research visits.

Pillman Fund

  • The Pillman Conference Fund is available to provide limited financial assistance, up to a maximum of £150, to postgraduates attending conferences related to their research, and who will be presenting a poster or a paper at the conference.  There are also limited funds (up to a maximum of £50) to assist with costs of attending local lectures/talks or exhibitions relevant to the student's course or to support membership of a relevant academic society.  Postgraduates should apply to their Tutor by email in the first instance.  
  • The Pillman Hardship Fund is able to provide small grants to postgraduates experiencing financial difficulty due to an unavoidable change in their circumstances. Postgraduates should contact their Tutor by email to discuss further.

Girton Postgraduate Awards

There are number of scholarships, studentships and Travel awards available by application, to current Girton members and prospective students.

  • They are open to students who have graduated or will have graduated before 1st October of the year they apply, and who nominate Girton as their first or second choice College. 
  • They are also open to those who have been made an offer from Girton, regardless of choices made on original applications.  
  • A first-class degree is almost always required and election will be conditional on the candidate being granted Postgraduate Student status by the University of Cambridge.
  • Current Cambridge students who are members of another College are eligible to apply if they are moving from one course of study to another, however if they are part way through a course they cannot apply for the awards.
  • A successful award recipient must become a member at Girton, so would therefore need to request a College transfer if already a member at another College.  A College transfer would generally only be practical if the award granted from Girton was one of the larger ones.  
  • They must be a candidate for either a Masters or PhD degree. 
  • The value of the awards is determined by University and College fees and the University’s recommended maintenance figure. Income from other sources, that a successful candidate may have, may also be taken into account.
  • The College may in certain circumstances split a Scholarship between two or more students. Students in receipt of full funding are not eligible to apply.
  • Final decisions are made in June and the scholarships are usually applicable to courses commencing in the Michaelmas term.

Applications for all studentships, scholarships and awards must be completed by 12 noon on Friday 25 March 2022.

  • Two reference letters are also required, which must also be submitted by the 25 March 2022.  References may be the same as those used for an applicant's original University application.  
  • Please note this is a strict deadline - no allowance can be made for late applications or reference letters.


  • The Postgraduate Research Scholarship is open to all students in any subject. The value of the award for this year is likely to be approximately £10,500. It is awarded, in the first instance, for one year but may be renewed for further periods up to three years. In exceptional cases it can be extended to four years.
  • The Dinah James Scholarship is a £9,000 award for a postgraduate studying an aspect of Tropical Medicine or related Global Health fields.
  • The Ruth Whaley Scholarship is available to outstanding students of non-EU/UK citizenship undertaking an Arts subject. The scholarship is worth approximately £3,300 and intended to contribute towards maintenance costs.
  • The Maria Luisa de Sanchez Scholarship is available to students of Venezuelan nationality. The value is approximately £31,000. The precise value of the scholarship will be determined after consideration has been given to the successful candidate’s income from other sources. It is awarded, in the first instance, for one year but may be renewed for further periods up to three years. In exceptional cases it can be extended to four years.
  • The Chan and Mok Graduate Scholarship is available to students who are permanent residents of Hong Kong and with preference to those who have studied at schools affiliated to Po Leung Kuk. The scholarship is worth £10,000 and will be awarded annually to a student pursuing a one year course of post graduate study in any subject at Girton College leading to a master’s degree.
  • The Girton Hong Kong Founder's Scholarship is available to students who are permanent residents of Hong Kong. The scholarship is worth £10,000 and will usually continue to be paid for the length of the postgraduate course, that is for up to three years.
  • The Girton Singapore Scholarship is available to students who are permanent residents of Singapore. The scholarship is worth £10,000 a year and will usually continue to be paid for the length of the postgraduate course, that is for up to three years.
  • The Irene Hallinan Scholarship is worth approximately £6,500. It is awarded for one year, but may be renewed, and is open to all students in any subject.
  • The Joyce Biddle Scholarship is worth £13,000 normally contributes towards maintenance, including rent and research expenses. It is awarded initially for one year, but may be renewed, and is open to all students in any subject.
  • The Diane Worzala Memorial Fund is open to students researching any subject with a historical theme, although preference will be given to research in the field of British Women’s History. It is for research and general expenses in the region of £600.

Candidates who are short-listed for any of the scholarships listed above may be required to provide a piece of written work (not more than 5000 words) in May. Awardees will be required to write a short report which will be shared with the donors of the awards.

To apply for any of the scholarships above please click on this link for submission of applications for 2022/23. The closing deadline is 25 March 2022. For further enquires please contact  


  • The Doris Woodall Studentship is available to any student working in the area of Economics or an allied subject. It has a value of approximately £6,400 and is normally awarded for one year only.
  • The Stribling Award is open to Girton students who are already members of the College, namely undergraduates coming into postgraduate status or current MPhil students who are going on to a PhD. Two or three individual awards of £1,200 each will be made, and they will normally be held in addition to a studentship or any other funding for fees and maintenance.
  • The Rhona Beare Award is available to students studying in the area of Classics. It’s worth approximately £1,500; it is awarded for one year but may be renewed for up to three years.

To apply for any of the studentships, please follow the instructions at the above link. The application is the same for any of the awards. The only exceptions are the Travel awards, as follows.

Travel Awards (Girton Students Only)

  • The Sidney and Marguerite Cody Studentship is for a period of travel and study in continental Europe of up to twelve months and normally of not less than six months. This Studentship has a value of up to £3,000 and is open to postgraduate members of any faculty except English who have completed less than nine terms in residence.
  • The Kythe Waldram Travel Fund is available to postgraduates for travel in 2022-23. It is intended for longer travel and not conference travel.  The award has a value of £400.  

To apply for the Postgraduate Travel Awards, please follow this link.  

Scholarships and Awards

Girton offers a range of financial support to all students

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