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Academic Scholarships and Prizes

For Postgraduates

Academic Scholarships and Prizes

These are awarded by the College each academic year, to undergraduate and postgraduate students who have been nominated by their Director of Studies, or in the case of Postgraduates, their Postgraduate Tutor, and have achieved First Class results in University examinations (or have met the conditions set out in the College Ordinances).

Please note that these awards will not be given until late Michaelmas Term of the year of the exams.  

Postgraduate examination candidates who are placed in the First Class or obtain a distinction (or the equivalent of a First Class pass in the case of the first year of a two-year course) are eligible for a Taught Masters Achievement Scholarship of £400.00. 

Current Girton undergraduate candidates in their final year and continuing as postgraduate students at Girton are eligible for a Postgraduate Scholarship of £250.00.  Please see above for the timeline of this scholarship.  

  1. These Scholarships, Prizes and Awards are for one year only, and are made by Council after consideration by the Education Board if possible, on the recommendation of candidates’ Director of Studies. 
  2. Names for Scholarships and Prizes appear in Ordinance XIII.2.

Last updated: June 2022

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