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Financial Assistance after Arrival

For Postgraduates

Special Bursaries and Funds

Financial assistance is available to existing Postgraduate students  in certain instances. There are specific funds which can provide reimbursement for some expenses. 

The Pillman and Cody Conference Fund is available to provide limited financial assistance, up to a maximum of £300, to postgraduates presenting a paper or a poster at conferences related to their research.

There are also limited funds (up to a maximum of £50) to assist with costs of attending local lectures/talks or exhibitions relevant to the student's course or to support membership of a relevant academic society.

Applications to this fund will be considered twice a term and should be submitted for consideration by the Friday of Week 2 and Week 6 each term.

Any student displaced by the war in Ukraine who is in financial need can apply for extra support.

Details of this support can be found here:

Students are encouraged to take one of the language programmes organised by CULP. Students may request partial reimbursement from their College for the fees, for one programme during their undergraduate and/ or postgraduate course.

Please apply here with your completion certificate and receipt.

The University may be able to provide financial assistance towards confirmed Ofsted-registered childcare costs for students in exceptional, unforeseen financial difficulty .  The University Childcare Support Fund is open to registered home student parents and the Central Childcare Bursary Scheme is open to registered EU and overseas student parents.  

In addition, here are the details of the UK government support for childcare

The Childcare Office offers information on family related issues including childcare, schooling, health care, financial support and local community resources.


Financial Support for Postgraduates

Girton College offers a range of financial support to students

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