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College Tutors

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All students are allocated a personal Tutor who can be consulted on any problem which is not strictly subject-related. In cases of personal, financial or more general academic problems, they can offer help or advice, and the earlier you consult them on such matters, the better.

Tutors may be involved with all aspects of an undergraduate’s life. Besides acting as intermediary for you with the University and College authorities, your Tutor may be called upon to represent you outside College. (You may, for instance, ask to have your Tutor present at any interview with the police, or if charged with an offence against the law). Normally you should consult your own Tutor, but, if they are not available or if for any reason you prefer to see another Tutor, all Tutors may be consulted by any undergraduate.

The Undergraduate and Postgraduate Tutors operate an emergency rota during Term, ensuring that there is a Tutor on call each night during Term.

Tutors' Office Hours

These are updated on a termly basis, includes Undergraduate and Postgraduate Tutors office hours.

Student Information

Information for Girton Undergraduates and Postgraduates

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