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General admission

The ceremony at which most undergraduates proceed to their first degree at the end of their final term

Please find below important information regarding the 2019 General Admission graduation ceremony. Do make sure you read it all carefully as it provides you with lots of information about the day and will answer many of the questions you may have. 

Girton College is normally presented in the early afternoon on Friday, and this is preceded by a full dress rehearsal and a Graduation buffet in College. 

It is hoped that as many students as possible will take their degrees in person at General Admission. If, for good reasons, you are unable to do so, please contact the Tutorial & Admissions Office as soon as possible. 

If, after reading this information, you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Tutorial & Admissions Office.


Girton graduands will be presented in the afternoon and although the timing has yet to be finalised, it is expected that graduands will enter the Senate House at approximately 2.15pm. There will be a rehearsal in the Old Hall/Stanley Library at 9.00am which all graduands must attend. 

Tickets will be needed for your guests to enter the Senate House. All guests of graduands need to have a ticket, including young children and babies, and tickets are checked before guests enter the House.  You are guaranteed up to FOUR tickets and no charge is made for tickets for the Senate House. There will be a waiting list for extra Senate House tickets should they become available. If you would like more than four tickets, please email and we will do our best to provide them although this cannot be confirmed until nearer the time. 

The Girton session will be divided into two parts. BA graduands with surnames A to G, together with VetMB, MSci, MEng and MMath candidates, will be presented in the first half and their guests will therefore be admitted at the start of the Girton session. There will be a short interval during which the first group of guests will leave and the BA graduands with surnames H to Z and their guests will be admitted. 

Graduands who wish to have their degree conferred without kneeling or with the non-Trinitarian formula should contact the Tutorial Office in advance by emailing 

Buffet tickets and Senate House tickets will be available at the Porters’ Lodge in Girton College. 

Important information for guests

Please ensure you and your guests adhere to the following instructions issued by The Proctors’ and University Marshal: 

‘For security, safety and practical space restriction purposes, rucksacks, holdalls, shopping bags or bags larger than 35cm x 25cm may not be taken into the Senate-House or the surrounding grounds. If you bring them, you may be asked to make alternative arrangements for their storage. If you need to keep your bag with you, you must seek assistance from a Proctor/Constable who may check contents prior to entry to the Senate-House. Please allow sufficient time for the additional delays this may cause.’ 

The Mistress and Fellows invite you and your guests for whom you have obtained buffet tickets, to a reception from approximately 11.00am onwards. Graduands will be able to apply for three tickets, without charge for the buffet. These include one ticket for the graduand and two for any guests.  

Additionally, tickets for further personal guests of the graduand (a maximum of 2) will be available upon application at a charge of £35.50 per ticket (inclusive of VAT) this will be charged to your College bill.  

There will be a waiting list for extra; paying, buffet tickets, should they become available. If you would like more than four guest buffet tickets, please email 

Buffet tickets and Senate House tickets will be available at the Porters’ Lodge in Girton College. 

There is a strict dress code for all graduation ceremonies and all graduands must wear the correct academic dress; i.e. all graduands must wear the appropriate hood and gown and anyone wearing a suit must wear a bow tie and bands. 

Ede & Ravenscroft 

Arrangements have been made with Ede & Ravenscroft to deliver academic dress to the College for those Graduands who wish to use this service. 

If you do wish to do this you must order your academic dress directly with Ede & Ravenscroft via their online booking form. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE making sure that you adhere to Ede & Ravenscroft deadlines. 

Gowns, hoods etc. that have been ordered will be handed out in the CHAPEL BOX ROOM on D corridor. Exact times will be confirmed nearer the date. Please bring the confirmation email/text from Ede & Ravenscroft when you collect your academic dress. 

No academic dress will be handed out on Friday 28 June 2019 so please make sure you have everything by then. 

Under these arrangements, graduands must either return their academical dress after the ceremony to the Squash Courts at College, where it will be collected by Ede & Ravenscroft, or at the Emmanuel United Reformed Church on Trumpington Street. 

Students who wish to make their own arrangements are responsible for collecting and returning their academic dress. 

What to wear with academic dress: 

There are strict rules regarding what graduands should wear with their academic dress. Please make sure you read the dress instructions document so that you know what kind of suit/clothing and shoes are acceptable. If you are required to wear an undergraduate gown, you are permitted to wear your current undergraduate gown if it is in a suitable condition. 

If you have any queries about either the academic dress that you need to order or what you are going to wear with your academic dress, please come and see the staff in the Tutorial & Admissions Office as we can advise you. 

All graduands will be taken down to the ceremony by coach (at about 1.15pm from the back drive of College, next to Ash Court). I am afraid that we cannot provide transport for accompanying relatives and friends, nor do we provide transport for the return journey to College. 

On Graduation Day we have arranged for a photographer to be in College and they will have a studio in the Reception Room (near the Porters’ Lodge). This will be open from approximately 9.30am to 1.00pm. 

If you wish to have your Graduation photograph taken, you should go to the Reception Room, ready dressed for the occasion. 

The photographs will be of 8″ x 6″ and each will come in an embossed folder. The prices are: 

  • One photograph £18.00 
  • Two photographs £25.00 
  • Three photographs £32.00 

All prices will include mount, post and packing.  

You will be able to pay by cash, cheque or card. 

You can have your official Graduation photograph taken by yourself, with your family, or with a group of your friends, up to 3 different poses. 

We hope that you and your guests are able to take advantage of this service. 

Your certificate will be handed to you as you leave the Senate House.  

If you take your degree in absence, the certificate will be posted on to you. Official University Transcripts will be posted to all those students who graduate a few weeks after the ceremony.   

Please ensure that the Tutorial Office has the correct address for July 2019. 

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