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Dr Sarah L Fawcett

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Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BA, BM, BCh (Oxford), MRCS, FRCR

Research Themes

I am shortly hoping to complete my PhD in molecular imaging.  I am focusing on developing ways to image cancer patients and work out whether they are responding to their treatment. We are aiming to be able to predict if a treatment will be successful after a single test dose.  Just imagine how much difference that could make!


The thing that drives me to teach undergraduate medics is that chance to bring real medicine into the “class room” and to try and illustrate the real-life relevance of what you are learning.  I also like to have some fun and have been known to build a supervision around a double sheet, a space-hopper, two satsumas and a couple of volunteers.


I did my six years of medial training in Oxford.  After my (as they were know then) house jobs, I arrived in Cambridge and haven’t left.  I did my surgical training here before commencing specialist training in Radiology. In 2008 I was awarded a BRC Clinical Training Fellowship in order to undertake to PhD in molecular imaging. I also have two children.

I have been involved with Girton since my arrival in Cambridge in 2000 when I first started supervising undergraduate medics.  More recently I have also officially become a (mature) student at the College as I had to formally select a college in order to undertake my PhD.  Girton was the obvious choice as I already felt comfortably at home!