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Dr Collin Constantine

College position(s)

Fellow, Director of Studies



Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BSc, MSc, PhD

Research themes

My research is centred on the intersection of International Macroeconomics, Income Inequality, and Political Economy. Specifically, I focus on foreign exchange stock-flow dynamics, banking and international finance, exchange rate behaviour, and macroeconomic policy. I also explore the interplay among economic development, the distribution of income and wealth, and political conflict. A central theme of this work is the examination of how politics rooted in identity or group affiliation influence the quality of institutions, state capacity, income and wealth inequality, and overall economic performance. My work often connects theory with data to test and quantify theoretical channels, and I am particularly motivated by the real-world questions that arise when conventional theory fails to account for stylised facts.


I supervise the final-year Macroeconomics Paper and serve as Director of Studies for Part IIA and IIB of the Economics Tripos. I also teach courses in Macroeconomics and Inequality at the Girton Global Programmes during the Summer.

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