Using the Library

Last updated: September 2020

All you need to know about Girton College Library, along with information about other libraries in Cambridge and electronic resources you can use anywhere:-

    1. How Cambridge libraries work
      A guide to the different types of library within the University of Cambridge
    2. Library guide: our collections and services
      Full details of how Girton College Library works
    3. Book a time slot to use the Library and study rooms
      Full details of how to and when you can book to use the Library and/or the study rooms
    4. Girton’s catalogue (external link)
      Girton’s own library catalogue, containing information about our books, journals and DVDs, including whether they are on loan on or not. See which items you already have on loan and renew them, or reserve items that are on loan to someone else (PIN required)

    5. iDiscover (external link)
      The catalogues of nearly all the libraries within the University, including most of Girton’s holdings

    6. eGuides and self-help
      Online tutorials and guides to help you with your studies and make the best use of electronic resources
    7. Purchase recommendation form
      If you are a current student and there is a book that you think the Library should have, please use this online form to recommend it for purchase. There are also paper copies at the issue desk.

Further information about the Library

Jenny Blackhurst
t: +44 (0) 1223 338970