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Searching iDiscover

Locating books, ebooks, articles, journals, databases, newspapers and much more

iDiscover allows you to find millions of Cambridge University’s print and electronic resources in one place. You can locate books, ebooks, articles, journals, databases, newspapers and much more. Login using your UIS/Raven password at the beginning of your search to ensure you can access all of the resources available to you.

There are external resources (helpsheets) providing more information about:

iDiscover vs. Girton College Library catalogue (Heritage)

iDiscover is useful for finding print and electronic resources available across numerous Cambridge University libraries. However, if you wish to access printed resources available at Girton we recommend you use our catalogue. You will then be able to:

  • Check our complete stock (some material is only listed on our catalogue – just over two-thirds of our material is listed in iDiscover.)
  • Check availability (all our material in iDiscover will have the status “May be available”. To find out if an item is on loan, you should check Girton’s catalogue.)
  • Check your account information to renew, make reservations and view the books on your record (you will not be able to access your account information for Girton College Library through iDiscover)

Help within College

Library staff can help you develop your search techniques and ensure you make the most of the iDiscover. You can book an appointment with Library staff or ask a question via

Library Guides

We have wide range of guides for College members to use

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