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Teaching and Research Fellowships

Where inspiration thrives

Inspirational, small group teaching is what makes Girton, and the University of Cambridge, so special


Teaching and Research Fellowships

Girton’s Fellowship is at the heart of the College. Our world-class educators offer their wisdom, guidance and nurturance which inspires each student with a passion for learning and the confidence to challenge the accepted norms (status quo). However, the small-group teaching - where 1-3 students discuss issues with their Director of Studies - that is the hallmark of a collegiate Cambridge education is expensive. The income from student fees is capped by the UK Government at £9,250 pa, and does not cover the College’s core teaching expenditure. Your gifts are the only way that we can continue to bridge this gap.

Our alumni and supporters have already contributed sufficient donations to complete the endowment of eleven named teaching Fellowships during A Great Campaign. One more key Fellowship remains to be endowed - the Bertha Jeffreys Fellowship in Applied Mathematics.

These named Fellowships bring a breadth of world-class experience and enrichment to Girton’s multi-disciplinary teams and strengthen our research-infused teaching. By investing in Fellowships, Girton is able to underpin its educational purpose, ensures academic excellence and continues to provide a challenging, transformational educational experience for every student.

Juliet Campbell

The Juliet Campbell Fellowship

Named in recognition of former Mistress, Juliet d’Auvergne Campbell (Mistress 1991-1997), this Fellowship aims to further international research and teaching across a number of several related subjects and courses including Economics; History; Human, Social and Political Sciences; Geography, Medieval and Modern Languages, and Law. The post-holder may specialise in any of these areas and will teach the core undergraduate syllabus in their subject, whilst undertaking research in an area of interest in international relations. Thanks to recent donations, we have completed the funding for the endowment for this Fellowship.

Bertha Jeffreys with her husband

The Bertha Jeffreys Fellowship (in Applied Mathematics)

Named for Lady Jeffreys (Swirles 1921) whose research on quantum theory and seismology, not to mention her annual apple picking parties, inspired generations of Girtonian Mathematicians, we only need a further £24,000 to complete the endowment for this Fellowship in Applied Mathematics. 

Girton stories

Dr Ben Griffin

Official Fellow and Director of Studies in History

One of our History students once described Girton as ‘a safe place to be intellectually daring.’ That is precisely the environment that the History Fellows are committed to providing: a supportive, intellectually stimulating environment where we go the extra mile to ensure that everyone can fulfil their academic potential. The endowment of a History Fellowship at Girton has been transformative.

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