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Financial Sustainability

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Permanent Endowment – sustainable support that lasts for ever

All aspects of College life, from world class teaching and research, to bursaries and scholarships, and maintaining Girton’s historical buildings are underpinned by the investment income that is generated from the capital of the College’s permanent endowment. It is this investment income which is vital in bridging the gap between student fee income (currently capped at £9,250 per student, per year) and the real cost of a Cambridge education (estimated by the University of Cambridge as up to £18,500 per student per year). It is therefore vital that Girton’s endowment is able to generate enough income to sustain all aspects of College activity.
Our endowment is young, and the investment generated is small on a per student basis compared with that of many other Cambridge Colleges. This is why growing our endowment was the central aim of A Great Campaign and remains an area of focus for the College.  
Since the start of A Great Campaign, your generosity has helped Girton’s permanent endowment capital grow from £22million to £71million, with our unrestricted permanent endowment capital growing from under £4million to £22million. The total sum of all donations made to our permanent endowment remain unspent with only the investment income generated from this capital being used. This growth in investment income has, and continues to, transform the College’s finances. Thank you.
By continuing to raise money for our permanent endowment, and particularly for our unrestricted permanent endowment capital, we aim to further secure the future of the College, with income that can be used flexibly as and when new challenges and opportunities arise. A gift to the College’s unrestricted permanent endowment capital is not just a gift that will last forever. It is a gift that will allow Girton to flourish, whatever the future might bring.

Girton stories

Margaret Mountford (née Gamble)

Law, 1970, Campaign Board Member

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Girton... The College provided a friendly and supportive environment, with Fellows who, I felt, actually cared whether I was happy or understood what I was studying, while maintaining the academic rigour expected of a Cambridge degree. I believe that I owe my career as a City solicitor, and my success in it, to my time at Girton. I have left the College a legacy because I want to help put it on a firm financial footing so that others, in years to come, can benefit, as I did, from what Girton can offer.

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