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Postgraduate Scholarships

Postgraduate research is crucial for understanding and solving complex global problems

Postgraduate Scholarships

The opportunity to study for a postgraduate degree at Cambridge needs to be available to the most talented students in order for original, ground-breaking research to take place. There is a global demand from businesses to academia for talented scholars with higher degrees. Yet funding for postgraduate education for both UK and International students is limited. 

Girton is committed to growing our postgraduate numbers in line with the University’s same strategic objective. Last year 11 postgraduate students received scholarships from Girton. But up to 40% of applicants could not take up an offer. To enable many more talented scholars (including some of our own undergraduates) who wish to embrace the challenge of completing a higher degree in Cambridge and at Girton, we need to be able to offer more funding in the way of scholarships.

Alumni have given generously, exceeding our target by endowing 10 partial postgraduate scholarships in A Great Campaign. It would be fantastic to support more postgraduate students, and by raising funds to endow more scholarships we can begin to bridge the postgraduate funding gap.

Help us accelerate the careers of some outstanding scholars and create a better world by donating to our Postgraduate Scholarship Funds.

Girton stories

Rafmary Millan Reyes

Development Studies, 2017

It has always been my dream to become an agent of change, hence why I decided to study International Development…Coming from one of the most underdeveloped regions in the world, in Venezuela, I have become invested in the idea of finding ways to tackle poverty and establish communities that thrive. The Maria Luisa de Sanchez and Irene Hallinan Graduate Research Scholarships, have enabled me to pursue my passion in ways I never thought imaginable. Thank you Girton for investing in me and helping me to recognise my own potential.

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