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Student Activities and Personal Development

The time spent at Girton can be life-changing for our students, in part because of the opportunities afforded for travel during their course of studies and the wide range of extracurricular activities, including sport, music and the creative arts, that they can take part in. These opportunities need to available to every Girton student, and not dependent on whether they can afford them. We welcome donations to a variety of funds, ranging from Travel and Sports Awards to the Choir.

The Susan J. Smith Fund for Music Performance 

The College has a strong tradition of excellence in musical performance, with many former students having gone on to make their career in this field. For many students, College-based musical performances, whether as a performer or an audience member, have also contributed to improving their mental health, building their social support systems and providing an all-round educational experience. Whether trying new activities, or continuing to develop existing passions, training, competing and performing costs money which some students cannot afford. By donating towards the Susan J. Smith Fund for Music Performance you will help support music making by, and for, Girton students at every level regardless of their financial circumstances.

This new fund has been established and named for Professor Susan J. Smith in recognition of her term as Mistress 2009 – 2022 as well as her significant contribution to and promotion of all forms of music in the College.

Students practicing for a performance with Musician in Residence

Supporting Academic, Personal and Sporting Achievement

Our Prize fund supports awards for academic excellence for those students who have achieved a First Class Honours Degree in their final year examinations. The fund also supports Travel grants (for students wishing to travel in support of their studies) and Sports Awards, which are given to talented students who are playing sport at a university level.

Student Travelling

There are also a number of specific travel awards (including the Dr Jean Grove Memorial Fund (for Geography Fieldwork) and the Ruth Morgan Fund (which supports travel by Modern and Medieval Language Students).

Student studying in Library

The College is also proud to be able to offer a range of funds that support students in accessing the resources they need to complete their studies, both subject specific funds (like the Medical Appeal, which also supports the College’s Meds and Vets Society) and more generally (such as the Academic resources Fund).

Student Societies

We currently welcome donations to support both Girton College’s award winning Chapel Choir and Girton’s College Boat Club (GCBC). Support for the Boat Club can be given by supporting the Infidel Boat Club or by supporting the Boat Club Millennium Fund.

Girton Boat Club - Women's Team Rowing on river

Girton College Boat Club Millennium Fund

The Boat Club Millennium Fund is a capital fund in the College’s permanent endowment where the income is used to provide equipment for Girton College Boat Club. Growing this fund will support a long-term fleet replacement plan where a new boat can be purchased every few years. Thanks to your gift you will help to ensure a sustainable future for GCBC and that the opportunities for students to enjoy and excel in their rowing interests remain open to all.

large group walking toward honey suckle walk attending the Girton150 Festival

Supporting our cultural heritage and our buildings and grounds

Our Cultural Heritage fund supports our Collections, buildings and gardens. To make a donation please select the link below and then email, if you would like your donation to this fund to be directed to a particular purpose.

Ash Court

Girton stories

Belinda Lewis

History, 1998

Studying at Cambridge was life-changing for me…Girton’s reassuringly down-to-earth atmosphere helped put me at ease and the College offered me a strong sense of community and belonging... I have decided to leave Girton a legacy so future generations can enjoy all the benefits the College has to offer: for me, these included meeting people with a completely different background and world view; the chance to try huge range of new sports, hobbies and interests; and discovering an environment where ability and dedication were the only attributes required to succeed.

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