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A passion for learning is inspired through our Fellowship; a community of world-class educators and researchers whose care and wisdom guide each individual’s experience here at Girton. This bespoke, dynamic teaching model is costly but it is what defines a Cambridge education. That is why Girton continues to invest in Fellowships to attract and retain the finest academic specialists, covering almost every subject on offer in the University.

Thanks to the tremendous support of Girton alumni during the first phase of A Great Campaign, six College Fellowships were endowed, mostly in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

In this 150th Anniversary phase, we aim to endow further teaching posts, primarily in the sciences. Already, our generous alumni have helped endow the John Marks Fellowship in Medicine. This year we are focusing on a Fellowship in Physical Sciences, which we would like to name after Dr Christine McKie. Once again donations to this fellowship will attract matching funds from a generous donor.

Physical Sciences is a popular subject at Girton. The teaching team cover a range of disciplines including astrophysics, crystallography, geology, particle physics, quantum electronics and semiconductor physics. The range of specialism gives great scope to students as they explore the opportunities of the Tripos.

Girton’s scientists continue to impact on our world in myriad ways – through scientific research both in academia and in industry, finance and business acumen, health, management, the environment, armed services, voluntary sector and the Arts.    Few degree qualifications could lead to such diverse professional achievement.  If you feel you have benefited from your studies at Girton, then please consider how you might contribute towards  the education of our next generation of scientists, by supporting this key position within Girton’s Fellowship.

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