Donating material to the Archive and Special Collections

Last updated: November 2018

Donating material to the Archive

The archival collections are continually growing with new material being added on a regular basis.

New donations are welcomed, but unfortunately the Archive is unable to accept all donations. Any potential donation is considered against the Archive’s Collection Policy.

If you would like to donate material to the Archive, please contact the Archivist to discuss your donation – see our Staff and contact details webpage.


Donating material to the Library and Special Collections

If you would like to donate books to the Library or the Special Collections, please first contact the Librarian to discuss your donation – see our Staff and contact details webpage.

The Archive collects:

  • Records, artefacts and memorabilia relating to the history of the College
  • Records, artefacts and memorabilia relating to the lives and careers of individuals and groups associated with Girton from foundation to the present. These include College members and staff, and their family and friends, and bodies or institutions, which have connections with such individuals.
  • The Archive may accept also material associated with the history of women’s higher education.

The Archive only collects original and unique material. The Archive would not normally accept collections of published material or copies of material, unless that material is considered to be relevant to building a history of Girton College (for example, press cuttings).

Donations will be accepted and added to stock if they fulfil the criteria for the main collections, or for any of the special collections that allow additions, or if they have been written by Fellows of the College or by Old Girtonians. If none of these criteria apply, the donation may be politely declined or the donor asked if the books may be sold and the income added to the Library funds.

The Special Collections which allow additions are:

Littler Reading Room opening hours

Monday to Thursday

9.30am - 4.45pm (closed for an hour for lunch)
Closed at weekends, Christmas, Easter, and for 2 weeks in the summer

Further information about the Archive

Hannah Westall
Archivist and Curator
t: +44 (0) 1223 338897

Further information about the Special Collections

Jenny Blackhurst
t: +44 (0) 1223 338970