A subject guide to the Archive

Last updated: November 2018

Our archival collections offer a rich resource for research in many areas and in several disciplines. This subject guide is a starting point for researchers; it is not a comprehensive list.

For more information about our collections please see our A guide to the Archive webpage.

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Personal papers illustrating the Girton experience

SubjectCollection (with links to the catalogues on the Janus website, where available)
Admission of women to the University of CambridgeCollege records; Papers of Emily Davies
Employment of womenPapers of Bessie Rayner ParkesPapers of the Society for Promoting the Training of Women
Education of girls (including schools and schooling)Papers of Roma Brookes; College records; Papers of Emily DaviesPapers of Bessie Rayner Parkes
Education of women (particularly higher education)Papers of Emily Davies; College records; Papers of Barbara Leigh Smith BodichonPapers of Dorothy Needham [includes papers relating to the foundation of New Hall and Lucy Cavendish College]
Gardening and horticultureCollege records, gardens and grounds [GCAR 10]; College records, Elizabeth Welsh’s letters to Miss Kensington [GCAR 1/6/4]; Papers of Chrystabel Procter
LibrarianshipCollege records; Papers of Ethel FeganPapers of Betty JonesPapers of Helen McMorranPapers of Eugenie Strong
Student experience at GirtonThe ‘Girton experience’ lists papers of Girtonians arranged by decade
TravelPapers of Margaret AndersonPapers of Rosemary BishopPapers of Ena BurtonPapers of Roma BrookesPapers of Jane Catherine GamblePapers of Helen GrantPapers of Bertha JeffreysPapers of Beryl PowerPapers of Eileen PowerPapers of Rhoda PowerPapers of Dorothy NeedhamPapers of Anne Wilson
Women artists and illustratorsPapers of Margaret AndersonPapers of Barbara Leigh Smith BodichonPapers of Bessie Rayner ParkesPapers of Eileen PowerPapers of Ethel Sargant [includes botanical drawings]; Papers of Marion Wallace-DunlopPapers of Margaret Welsby
Women classicistsPapers of Alison DukePapers of Norah JolliffePapers of Eugenie StrongPapers of Alice Zimmern
Women economistsPapers of Marjorie Tappan Hollond
Women in medicinePapers of Emily DaviesPapers of Bessie Parkes [includes correspondence with Mary Merryweather, Nightingale nurse]
Women historiansPapers of Helen CamPapers of Jean LindsayPapers of Dorothy MarshallPapers of Eileen PowerPapers of Diane Worzala
Women mathematiciansPapers of Mary Cartwright; Papers of France Cave-Brown-CavePapers of Bertha JeffreysPapers of Lucy Joan Slater
Women literary and linguistic scholarsPapers of Cynthia Crews (Judaeo-Spanish scholar); Papers of Odette de MourguesPapers of Helen Grant (Spanish scholar); Papers of Queenie Leavis (literary scholar); Papers of Bertha Phillpotts (Scandinavian scholar); Papers of Margaret Smith (orientalist); Papers of Jean Young(Scandinavian scholar)
Women musiciansPapers of Sophia Turle
Women philosophersPapers of Kathleen Mary PeacePapers of Helen Marion Wodehouse
Women in politics and government, including the Civil ServicePapers of Helen Grant [includes correspondence with politicians; member of the Newnham Ward Labour Party; notes on political situation in Spain in 1975]; Papers of P D JamesPapers of Shirley LittlerPapers of Beryl PlattPapers of Beryl Power (civil servant); Papers of Barbara Wootton
Women and religionPapers of Agatha GrahamPapers of Alethea GrahamPapers of P D JamesPapers of Bessie Rayner ParkesPapers of Aelfrida Tillyard
Women in sciencePapers of Marion Greenwood BidderPapers of Christine McKiePapers of Helen MegawPapers of Dorothy NeedhamPapers of Chrystabel Procter[include some papers relating to Joan Procter]; Papers of Ethel SargantPapers of Barbara Weir
Women’s suffragePapers of Nellie CrockerPapers of Emily DaviesPapers of Agnes LakePapers of Beatrice and Edith Clayton PepperPapers of Marion Wallace-DunlopPapers of Alice Zimmern
Women’s war experiencePapers of Ena Burton [WWII]; Papers of Lilian Furst [WWII]; Papers of Jane Catherine Gamble [visited the site of the Battle of Waterloo]; Papers of Winifred Gaukroger [WWI]; Papers of Beryl Lewis [WWII]; Papers of Bessie Rayner Parkes [includes correspondence relating to the 1870-1871 Franco Prussian War]; Papers of Hilda Sebastian [WWI]; Papers of Lucy Joan Slater[WWII]; Papers of Barbara Wallis [WWII]
Women writers
(includes authors, journalists, poets, playwrights, etc.)
Papers of Kay ClayPapers of Emily DaviesPapers of Veronica Forrest-ThomsonPapers of Gwendolen FreemanPapers of Lilian FurstPapers of Jane Catherine GamblePapers of Agatha GrahamPapers of P D JamesPapers of Elsa MalikPapers of Bessie Rayner ParkesPapers of Joyce PennyPapers of Michelle ProudPapers of Kathleen RainePapers of Aelfrida TillyardPapers of Gladys WilliamsPapers of Florence Roma WilsonPapers of Charlotte Yonge

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