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Last updated: November 2018

Overview of our archival collections

The Archive’s main aim is to build a record of the institutional history of the College reflecting its unique history. Records of the executive, administrative and academic College bodies, College offices, College Officers and individuals employed by the College are all held in the Archive. The Archive also aims to build a record of the lives and careers of individuals and groups associated with Girton College from its foundation to the present day. As a result the Archive includes rich and varied collections of personal papers. In addition the Archive also collects records associated with the history of women’s higher education and women’s history generally.

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Overview of our archival collections
GCGB Governing RecordsThis section includes the College’s charter and statutes, ordinances and regulations, grant of arms, deeds, trusts etc., the papers of College Council (previously Executive Committee), the Governing Body, and standing committees of Council.
GCAR Administrative RecordsThis section includes the papers of the offices of the Mistress, the Bursar, and the Steward/Domestic Bursar. It includes papers relating to the College’s finances, appeals and fundraising (latterly Development Office), the Chapel, Wolfson Court, and ‘named rooms’ within the College.
GCAC Academic and LibraryThis section includes the papers of the Admissions and Tutorial Office, the Praelector and the Library.
GCAS Clubs, Societies and AssociationsThis section includes the papers of the Roll (previously Association of Certificated Students), the JCR, the MCR, and the papers of the various sports, dramatic and musical societies.
GCCP College PublicationsThis section includes complete runs of the Annual Report (to 1969), the Girton Review (1882-1993), the Newsletter (1993-99), Annual Review (from 2000), as well as various information guides, College songs, and occasional publications.
GCRF Historical ReferenceThis is a subject-oriented section including special events/celebrations, press cuttings and journal articles, memoirs and reminiscences, drawings and artefacts, and miscellaneous correspondence collections. It also includes records relating to women’s history generally and the suffrage movement in particular.
GCPH PhotographsThis is a large collection of photographs dating from the College’s foundation to present day showing the College buildings (exterior and interior), individual students and student groups, Fellows, Mistresses and staff, and special events.
GCOH Oral HistoryThis section consists of interviews with those who had a lifelong connection with Girton, or who had come up to College in the 1920s or earlier.
GCPP Personal PapersSome of the major collections in this section are the papers of Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon (1827-1891), Helen Cam (1885-1968), Emily Davies (1830-1921), Jane Catherine Gamble (1810-1885), Dorothy Needham (1896-1988), Bessie Rayner Parkes (1829-1925), Bertha Phillpotts (1877-1932), Chrystabel Procter (1894-1982), Eugénie Sellers Strong (1860-1943), and Barbara Wootton (1897-1988).
GCIP Institutional PapersThis section includes the papers The Society for Promoting the Training [formerly Employment] of Women (SPTW), the Girton College Working Women’s Summer School and the Cambridge Women’s Liberation Archive.


A large proportion of the catalogues for GCRF Historical Reference, GCPP Personal Papers and GCIP Institutional papers are available to search on the Janus website. For the direct links to the catalogues please see below.

The catalogue for the remaining sections of the archive is currently not available to researchers. There is an ongoing project to upload the rest of the catalogue onto the Janus website. In the meantime the Archivist can undertake searches on your behalf – please see our Staff and contact details webpage.

Links to the catalogues on the Janus websiteTitleCovering dates
GCRF 4Memoirs and reminiscences1883-2012
GCRF 5Drawings and sketches1860–2012
GCRF 6Artefactscirca 1850–2007
GCRF 7Memorabilia1872–2008
GCRF 8Women’s history1859–2009
GCRF 9Miscellaneous correspondence collections1799–2009
GCRF 10Deposited collections with no direct connection with Girton College1799-2008
Links to the catalogues on the Janus websiteTitleCovering dates
GCPH 1Photographs of College’s Gardens and Groundscirca 1890-circa 1990
GCPH 2Photographs of the interiors of College Buildings1873-2010
GCPH 3Photographs of the exteriors of College Buildings1883-2006
Links to the catalogues on the Janus websiteTitle and extentCovering dates
GCPP AbramPersonal Papers of Annie Abram, 1869-1930, medieval historian. 1 volume and 1 bundle.1912-1913
GCPP AndersonPersonal Papers of Margaret Anderson, Minnie Baldwin, Margaret C (Nan) Anderson and Frank Anderson. 4 boxes.circa 1880-circa 2001
GCPP BallPersonal Papers of Nanda Ball, 1929-, née Hulton. 1 file.1947-2000
GCPP BanksPersonal Papers of Dorothy Banks, 1865-1937 née Alford and Margaret Alford, 1868-1951. 2 files1886-1998
GCPP BennettPersonal Papers of Joan Bennett, 1896-1986, née Frankau, scholar and lecturer in English literature. 1 item.1 February 1924
GCPP BickleyPersonal Papers of Daisy Bickley, b 1942, née Hurn. 1 file.October 1962-May 2008
GCPP BidderPersonal Papers of Marion Greenwood Bidder, 1862-1932, née Greenwood, physiologist. 8 files.1880-1999
GCPP BinningtonPersonal Papers of Madeleine Binnington, 1909-1986, née Pottenger, journalist.
1 file.
GCPP BishopPersonal Papers of Rosemary Bishop, 1936-2003, civil servant. 5 boxes.1944-2004
GCPP BodichonPersonal Papers of Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, 1830-1891, née Smith, artist and women’s activist. 10 boxes.1801-2000
GCPP BoylePersonal papers of Yvonne Boyle, b 1954, social worker, councillor and poet. 1 file.1975-1988
GCPP BradshawPersonal Papers of Doris Bradshaw, 1902-1994, lecturer. 1 file.1929-1994
GCPP Brookes Personal Papers of Roma Brookes, 1916-1990, teacher. 4 boxes.1900-1985
GCPP BrownPersonal Papers of Judith Margaret Brown, 1944-, historian. 4 boxes.1962-1965
GCPP BryantPersonal Papers of Viviane Bryant, 1921-1983, née Hindmarsh. 1 file.1943-1972
GCPP BryersPersonal Papers of Winifred Bryers, 1880-1910, lecturer in modern languages. 1 box.1909-1911
GCPP BucklerPersonal Papers of Georgina Grenfell Buckler, 1863-1953, née Walrond, classicist. 4 files.1889-1891, 1928, 1993
GCPP BurtonPersonal Papers of Ena Mary Burton, 1918-2013, teacher. 2 boxes.1907-2013
GCPP CamPersonal Papers of Helen Maud Cam, 1885-1968, Medieval Historian. 54 boxes.circa 1895-1995
GCPP CaveLetters to Frances Cave-Brown-Cave, 1876-1965, mathematician. 1 file.1940-1960
GCPP ChapmanPersonal Papers of Maud Chapman, 1880-?, née Reep. 1 file.1898-1905
GCPP ChurchPersonal Papers of Margaret Church, 1924-2014, teacher. 1 file.1940-1950
GCPP ClarkPersonal Papers of Dorothy Clark, 1911-1999, teacher. 1 file.1931-1933
GCPP ClayPersonal Papers of Kay Clay, 1913-2007, née Cambell, lecturer. 1 file.1946-2007
GCPP CrewsPersonal Papers of Cynthia Mary Crews, 1906-1969, née Jopson, linguist. 21 boxes.1901-1979
GCPP DaviesPersonal Papers of Sarah Emily Davies, 1830-1921, pioneer for women’s education. 25 boxes.1856-1978
GCPP DawsonPersonal Papers of Stella Courtenay Dawson, 1885-1970, née Dawson. 2 files and 1 album.1905-1998
GCPP de MourguesPersonal Papers of Odette de Mourgues, 1914-1988, literary scholar. 3 boxes.1928-1991
GCPP DigglePersonal Papers of Margaret Diggle, b 1905, lecturer in education. 1 file.1923-1999
GCPP DockingPersonal Papers of Marjorie Daphne Docking, 1926-2013, college administrator. 1 file.2011–2013
GCPP DuffPersonal Papers of James Duff, 1860-1940, classicist and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1 file.1934
GCPP DuftonPersonal Papers of Dorothy Dufton, 1894-1983, née Dufton, wife of Lord Moran of Manton. 3 items.1916-1950
GCPP DukePersonal Papers of Alison Duke, 1915-2005, classicist. 19 boxes.1875-2005
GCPP EvansPersonal Papers of Margaret Evans, 1924-2014, teacher. 1 box.1938-2014
GCPP FeganPersonal Papers of Ethel Fegan, 1877-1975, librarian. 7 boxes.1908-1961
GCPP FentonPersonal Papers of Pamela Fenton, 1926-1983, later Marshall, secretary and teacher. 1 volume.1939-1945
GCPP Fletcher-MoultonPersonal Papers of Sylvia Fletcher-Moulton, 1902-1989, magistrate. 3 boxes.1878-1989
GCPP FordPersonal Papers of Cicely Ford, Honoria Ford and Evelyn Macdonald. 3 files.1948-2014
GCPP Forrest-ThomsonPersonal Papers of Veronica Elizabeth Marian Forrest-Thomson, 1947-1975, poet. 3.5 boxes.1960–2011
GCPP FranklinPersonal Papers of Ann Franklin, 1936- , née Glossop. 1 file.1954-1957
GCPP FreemanPersonal Papers of Gwendolen Freeman, b 1908, author and journalist. 5 files.1925-2001
GCPP FurstPersonal Papers of Lilian Renee Furst, 1931-2009, literary scholar. 2 boxes.circa 1925–2012
GCPP GamblePersonal Papers of Jane Catherine Gamble, 1810-1885, writer. 6 boxes, I volume and 1 wooden box.1783-1884
GCPP GarrodPersonal Papers of Joan Schneider, b. 1930, née Garrod, teacher and writer. 7 files.1947-2003
GCPP GaukrogerPersonal Papers of Winifred Gaukroger, 1900-2003, née Trenholme. 1 file.1918-1919
GCPP Graham, A1Personal Papers of Alethea Graham, 1908-1980, missionary worker. 4 boxes.circa 1913-1980
GCPP Graham, A2Personal Papers of Agatha Graham, 1910-1935. 2 boxes.1923-circa 1930
GCPP GrantPersonal papers of Helen Frances Grant, 1903-1992, née Newsome, Spanish lecturer. 5 boxes.1926–1993
GCPP HollondPersonal Papers of Marjorie Hollond, 1895-1977, née Tappan, economist and academic administrator. 6 boxes.1851-1986
GCPP HowardPersonal Papers of Dorothy Howard, 1881-1968, née Howard, wife of 6th Baron Henley. 1 box.1901-1955
GCPP JamesPersonal Papers of P D James, 1920-2014, Baroness James of Holland Park, author. 19 boxes.1967-2014
GCPP JeffreysPersonal papers of Bertha Jeffreys, 1903-1999, née Swirles, mathematician, wife of Sir Harold Jeffreys. 4 boxes.1893–2007
GCPP JohnstonPersonal Papers of Edith Johnston, 1886-1925, missionary. 1 file.1917-1925
GCPP JolliffePersonal Papers of Norah Christina Jolliffe, 1900-1951, classicist. 7 boxes.1900–1955
GCPP JonesPersonal papers of Betty Jones, 1912-1971, librarian. 2 files.1904–1963
GCPP LeavisPersonal papers of Queenie Dorothy Leavis, 1906-1981, née Roth, literary scholar. 5 boxes.1895–2009
GCPP LewisPersonal Papers of Beryl Lewis, 1896-1992. 1 box.1916-1995
GCPP Lewis, IPersonal Papers of Isabella May Lewis, 1870-1967, schoolmistress. 1 roll.21 June 1892-5 May 2006
GCPP LindsayPersonal Papers of Jean Lindsay, 1910-1996, née McLachlan, historian and educationalist. 3 volumes.1927-1938
GCPP LittlerPersonal Papers of Shirley Littler, b 1932, née Marsh, civil servant. 25 boxes.1953-2006
GCPP LLDPersonal Papers of Margaret Llewelyn Davies, 1861-1944, social reformer. 6 boxes.circa 1864-1995
GCPP Lloyd ThomasPersonal Papers of Mary Gwyneth Lloyd Thomas, 1899-1978, literary scholar. 1 box.1936–1948
GCPP MalikPersonal Papers of Elsa Care Malik, 1905-2005, née Barker, playwright. 2 boxes.circa 1935–2005
GCPP MarshallPersonal Papers of Dorothy Marshall, 1900-1994, historian. 11 boxes.1910-1991
GCPP MatherPersonal Papers of Mary Mather, 1926- . 1 file.1947
GCPP MathewsPersonal Papers of Joyce Mathews, later Cadbury, 1906-1988, school governor. 1 file.1924-1925
GCPP MaynardPersonal Papers of Constance Louisa Maynard, 1849-1935, Principal of Westfield College. 2 files.1867–1875
GCPP McKiePersonal Papers of Christine McKie, 1931-, née Kelsey, crystallographer. 6 files.1963-1969
GCPP McMorranPersonal Papers of Helen McMorran, 1898-1985, librarian. 3 boxes.1869-1967
GCPP MegawPersonal Papers of Helen Dick Megaw, 1907-2002, crystallographer. 33 boxes.1919-2002
GCPP MillerPersonal Papers of E Joan (Wilson) Miller, , b.1923, née Wilson, geographer. 6 files.1943-2015
GCPP MuirPersonal Papers of Margaret Alice (known as Meta) Muir, 1862-1943. 1 box.1877-1994
GCPP NeedhamPersonal Papers of Needham, Dorothy Mary Moyle, 1896-1987, née Moyle, biochemist. 31 boxes.1907-1988
GCPP NevellPersonal Papers of Sheila Nevell, b 1916. 1 file.1936-2003
GCPP NewmanPersonal Papers of Lyn Newman, 1901-73, née Irvine, literary journalist. 1 file.1925-2001
GCPP ParkesPersonal Papers of Bessie Rayner Parkes, 1827-1925, writer and journalist. 18 boxes.1812-1984
GCPP PattenPersonal Papers of Nancy Patten, 1918- . 1 item.1937
GCPP PeacePersonal Papers of Kathleen Mary Peace, 1904-1974, secretary to Girton College, Cambridge. 4 boxes.1910-1971
GCPP PennyPersonal Papers of Joyce Penny, 1912-1988, writer and translator. 16 files.1948-1985
GCPP PhillpottsPersonal Papers of Bertha Phillpotts, 1877-1932, Scandinavian scholar. 8 boxes.1863-2002
GCPP PlattPersonal Papers of Beryl Platt, 1923-2015, politican. 16 boxes.1935-2015
GCPP Power, BPersonal Papers of Beryl Power, 1891-1974, civil servant. 5 boxes.1909-1949
GCPP Power, EPersonal Papers of Eileen Power, 1889-1940, economic historian, wife of M M Postan. 4 boxes.1835-1994
GCPP Power, RPersonal Papers of Rhoda Power, 1890-1957, broadcaster and children’s writer. 1 box.1917-1947
GCPP ProcterPersonal Papers of Chrystabel Procter, 1894-1982, horticulturist. 7 boxes.1822-1986
GCPP ProudPersonal Papers of Michelle Proud, 1940-2002, journalist and financial analyst. 5 boxes.1971–2002
GCPP PymPersonal Papers of Dora Pym, 1890-1980, née Ivens, classicist. 1 box.1890-1998
GCPP RainePersonal Papers of Kathleen Raine, 1908-2003, poet. 1 item.1998-1999
GCPP RyleyPersonal Papers of Constance Ryley, 1898-1976. 1 file.1916-1921
GCPP SargantPersonal Papers of Ethel Sargant, 1863-1918, botanist. 4 boxes.1871-2008
GCPP SebastianPersonal Papers of Hilda Reynolds Sebastian, 1897-1989, née Gosling, formerly Gardner, bookseller. 3 boxes.circa 1904-circa 1966
GCPP SeddonPersonal Papers of Laura Seddon, 1910-1995, née Feber, teacher. 3 boxes.1924-2015
GCPP SlaterPersonal Papers of Lucy Joan Slater, 1922-2008, mathematician. 13 items.1990-1991
GCPP SmithPersonal Papers of Margaret Smith, 1884-1970, orientalist. 2 boxes.1900-1963
GCPP StanleyPersonal papers of Margaret Shirley Stanley, b 1931, née Wright, teacher. 1 file.1950-1952
GCPP StephenPersonal Papers of Barbara Stephen, 1872-1945, née Shoresmith, later Shore Nightingale, wife of Sir Harry Stephen, educationist. 4 files.1925-1945
GCPP StrongPersonal Papers of Eugenie Strong, 1860-1943, née Sellers, classical archaeologist and art historian. 33 boxes.1877-1965
GCPP TaylorPersonal Papers of Mary Collins, 1903-1994, née Taylor, lecturer. 1 file.1876-1919
GCPP TebbuttPersonal Papers of Sarah Tebbutt, 1860(?)-1928, née Mason. 1 file.1878-1870
GCPP ThomasPersonal Papers of M B Thomas, 1873-1954,lecturer in chemistry. 1 volume.1936
GCPP ThompsonPersonal Papers of Dorothy Joan Thompson, 1939- , née Walbank, formerly Crawford, classical historian. 2 items.1958, 2010
GCPP TillyardPersonal Papers of Aelfrida Tillyard, 1883-1959, writer. 20 boxes.1868-1959
GCPP TurlePersonal Papers of Sophia Turle, 1841-1923, literary editor and musician. 12 items.1877-2004
GCPP von GoethePersonal Papers of Ottilie von Goethe, 1796-1872, née von Pogwisch, writer and daughter-in-law of Goethe. 1 volume.1859
GCPP WalkerPersonal Papers of Margaret Walker, b. 1930, later Sudbury, teacher.
1 file.
GCPP Wallace, FPersonal Papers of Flora Wallace, 1931-, née MacLeod. 1 file.1919-1954
GCPP Wallace, M VPersonal Papers of Margaret Valerie Wallace, 1903-1989. 1 box.1974-1988
GCPP WallisPersonal Papers of Barbara Wallis, 1922-2009, teacher and lecturer.
1 box.
GCPP Ward, DPersonal Papers of Dorothy Ward, 1888-1972. 2 items.1930
GCPP Ward, P JPersonal Papers of Phyllis Jeanne Ward, 1909-2000, lecturer in modern languages. 2 files.1929-1997
GCPP WeirPersonal Papers of Barbara Weir, 1942-1993, zoologist. 1 box.1964-1989
GCPP WestonPersonal Papers of Sarah Weston, b 1855. 1 file.1868-1869
GCPP WilliamsPersonal Papers of Gladys Bendit, 1885-1975, née Williams, formerly Skelton, writer. 3 boxes.1904–2013
GCPP WilsonPersonal Papers of Florence Roma Wilson, 1891-1930, novelist. 1 volume and 1 file.26 July 1915-October 1920
GCPP Wilson, APersonal Papers of Anne Wilson, 1927-, food historian. 2 items.1948-1949
GCPP WodehousePersonal Papers of Helen Marion Wodehouse, 1880-1964, philosopher. 4 boxes.1895-1993
GCPP WoottonPersonal Papers of Barbara Wootton, 1897-1988, née Adam, Baroness Wootton of Abinger. 14 boxes.1897-1994
GCPP WorzalaPersonal Papers of Diane Worzala, 1934-2007, née Chase, historian. 3 boxes.1972-1994
GCPP YongePersonal Papers of Charlotte Yonge, 1823-1901, novelist. 2 boxes.1857-1997
GCPP YoungPersonal Papers of Jean Young, 1903-1990, Scandinavian scholar. 1 box.1899-1992
GCPP ZimmernPersonal Papers of Alice Zimmern, 1855-1939, educationist and suffragist. 1 box.1850-1950
Links to the catalogues on the Janus websiteTitle and extentCovering dates
GCIP CEBWCentral Employment Bureau for Women. 12 items.1910-1968
GCIP CPFCambridge Poetry Festival posters. 1 folder.1975
GCIP CWLACambridge Women’s Liberation Group Archive. 27 boxes.1954-1988
GCIP FDLSFreedom of Labour Defence Society. 1 box.circa 1899-1916
GCIP SPTWSociety for Promoting the Training of Women. 41 boxes.1859-1991
GCIP WWSSWorking Women’s Summer School. 4 boxes.1944-1956

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