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Living and studying at Girton

Student Information


Complaints Procedure

Girton College's procedure for dealing with comments, suggestions and complaints from students. Approved by Council. Issued by the Secretary to Council 15/07/2005.

Document contains the following information:

  • Overview
  • Informal procedure
  • Formal complaints procedure
  • Matters falling outside the complaints procedure:
    • Academic appeals
    • Harassment
    • College Policy

Fitness to study

 Information regarding the Fitness to Study Procedure for the College.

Student Discipline Procedure

The College Discrimination Harassment Contact is the Senior Tutor:

Applies from 1 October 2019

Student Harassment and Sexual Assault

Living in a community involves treating other individuals with respect, in a courteous and civilised way, whatever their sex or status. The College finds unacceptable any form of behaviour that amounts to harassment.

College accepts the University guidelines that the defining features of harassment are “that the behaviour is offensive to the recipient, is unwanted by the recipient and would be regarded as harassment by any reasonable person”. 

The full College policy on harassment or sexual misconduct can be found below. The procedure outlined therein has been agreed by the Senior Tutors’ Committee. The College endorses the University's ‘Breaking the Silence campaign’, link provided below.

Any individual who considers that another’s behaviour (whosoever that person may be) falls into the category of harassment, including sexual or racial harassment, may consult their own or any of the Tutors, the College Nurses, or the JCR Welfare or Women’s Officer.

The College discrimination and harassment contact is the Senior Tutor,

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

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Student Information

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