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Health and Safety Policies

Public Information

Health and Safety at Girton

The College actively monitors and reviews its health and safety practices to ensure all College members and guests have a safe environment in which to work and live.

Reporting Accidents and Near-misses

All accidents and safety near-misses should be recorded in the accident book located in the Porters’ Lodge and to the

Members of staff can also complete this Near-Miss and Hazard form.

Health and Safety Consultative Committee 

Is responsible for formulating and reviewing the College’s health and safety policies in relation to current legislation and ensuring this information is disseminated to all College members. 

The Committee meets on a termly basis and has representatives from all sections of the College community. All College members can raise health and safety issues at the meeting via their designated representative.

Fire Safety Sub-Committee 

Is responsible reviewing fire safety practices for the entire College estate on a termly basis. The Sub-Committee reports its findings to the Health and Safety Consultative Committee, where any issues are discussed and actioned as appropriate.

Useful information

If you have any immediate health and safety concerns, please report them to your Head of Department, Tutor, the Porters’ Lodge and/or directly to:

For all

For Staff and Fellows

The information below is available to College members only via Moodle.

For Students

  • Accommodation Handbook – information specifically for those in College accommodation:
    • Section 2 – Health and Safety
    • Section 3 – Fire Safety
    • Section 5 – Security
  • The JCR and MCR Committees have designated welfare representatives to provide help and support to individuals, as well as communicating student-related health and safety issues via email lists and social media.
  • Access to Girton and Swirles Court
  • Pedestrian/Cycle Lit Route
  • College Prospectus – general information regarding health, safety and welfare.

Travel Risk Assessments

  • Basic and Standard Travel Risk Assessments can be found on Moodle (internal-use only).


  • Information coming soon

Insurance Certificates

  • Information coming soon

College Governance

Girton College policies, rules and regulations

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