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Girton Organ Scholar joins the Royal Academy of Music

Girton Student, Felix Elliott, sitting on a wall in a courtyard

Felix Elliott's love for musical theatre led him to pursue further studies at the Royal Academy of Music after studying Music as an Organ Scholar at Girton.

Felix Elliott (2020, Music)

I have a lot for which to thank my time studying music at Cambridge, but what sticks out the most are the many intriguing, inspiring and, creative individuals Cambridge has allowed me to become acquainted with. Two things for which I’m especially grateful are my position as Girton Organ Scholar, and the opportunity to be involved in various theatre productions: these experiences have been enriching, fulfilling, and have introduced me to fascinating people whom I’m now honoured to call friends.

I’m indebted to my Director of Studies, Dr Martin Ennis, and the Director of Chapel Music, Dr Gareth Wilson, for nurturing my development both as a musician and a person: without their belief in me I would have never have even applied to the Royal Academy of Music. My MA at the Academy is called ‘Musical Direction and Coaching’. It focuses on developing the skills required for musically directing theatre productions, such as keyboard skills, conducting, musical arrangement, and teaching.

I only discovered my love for musical theatre relatively recently (in 2021), when a friend recruited me to help them compose a musical adaptation of the Greek tragedy Antigone. I loved the entire process – listening to other musicals for inspiration, orchestrating my friend’s demos for a full band, music-directing the show from the keyboard – and it awakened me to a musical world in which I could truly invest myself. Taking Antigone: the Musical to the Edinburgh Fringe festival last summer, as well as putting on my own original musical, The Herb Garden, at Corpus Playroom in my final term, have been real highlights of the last three years. I was eventually inspired to follow in my college mum Jemma Starling’s footsteps and apply to study musical theatre properly.

Girton has really felt like home for three years – I won’t forget its blue skies, green trees and red bricks. I’ll miss crossing the motorway bridge for a countryside walk, catching up with friends over an iced coffee from Shlub (Social Hub), and eventhe cycle down Huntingdon Road into town… Of course Cambridge has had its ups and downs, but ultimately the past three years have helped me nurture a valuable instinct: to question everything.

If you enjoyed listening to Bruhn's prelude in E minor, my other music can be found here: