Undergraduate Guide


This information has been put together to help you find your way around some of the intricacies of life in Girton and in Cambridge. But besides providing the sort of information you may need for everyday life in College, both in work and recreation, it also aims to set out some of the dos and don’ts for life within a residential community whose primary purpose is education, learning and research. This is what life in College is concerned with, and to be a student of Girton involves commitment to these aims.

Living within such a community necessarily makes certain demands on its members. Of these, awareness for others within that community is the most significant. And with this goes the need for concern and respect for all those who live and work within the College. A large residential community such as Girton (and we are the third largest college in Cambridge) needs some rules and a certain minimum standard of behaviour from those within it. Rules are not simply made for the sake of making rules but, in full discussion with all those involved, because the community needs a framework in which to function. As a Girtonian you are expected and required to observe this framework.