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Administrative Tasks

Important tasks

Page updated: 17 August 2023

Student Registration & Matriculation

All students are required to complete Student Registration on an annual basis. This is to make sure that the information held on your student record is correct: It is not a way of registering for, or applying for, a course of study. New students will need to create and log in to their self service account (from beginning of September). Further details are available online

As a new student at the University of Cambridge you are required to formally register as a member of the University by completing the matriculation process. Matriculation is the process by which new members join their College and University by subscribing to the University’s Statutes and Ordinances.

In order to complete this process you will be sent an email by the College (week commencing Monday 2 October) with a link to an online form. Please ensure you complete this as you are not officially members of the University until you have done so.

Register with a Cambridge Doctor’s (GP) Surgery

Registering at Huntingdon Road Surgery

You can register online now at Huntingdon Road Surgery. To register use New Patients - Registering Online.

The online form will ask you to state your new home address – please use the following:

Girton College
Huntingdon Road

You do not have to register at Huntingdon Road Surgery, however you must register with a Cambridge GP as soon as possible. If you do wish to register with any other Cambridge GP, you will need to contact the surgery directly.

Paying your College Bill 

Please ensure that your College bill is paid on or before the final payment date which is Friday 13 October 2023. The Bursar provides some further information about the payment of your bill here

If you need any further information about or explanation of any items on your College bill, please contact the Finance Department at