Tutor Support

Girton places high importance on supporting its students. The Graduate Tutor’s role is central to this. Tutors maintain a general interest in the well-being and academic progress of his or her students – to advise, encourage and to guide. Tutors are the senior member of College with whom you will probably have the most contact.

Tutors normally work in a different academic field from their pupils, and do not teach them; nonetheless they take a close interest in their pupils academic welfare and progress, where necessary intervening to advise and help. If you have any problems concerning your general welfare, academic work, finances, health, or other concerns you should not hesitate to contact your Tutor.

By the end of your time here you should know at least this person quite well and this is the obvious person to ask for references when you come to apply for jobs.

The University also provides a guide setting out the support that all Cambridge students can expect. This can be accessed here.


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