College Government


At the senior level, the College consists of a Fellowship, comprising both teaching and research Fellows, and the Head of House, who is called the Mistress. The College is an integrated, self-governing community. The well-being of its students is a matter of general concern and the College prides itself on providing a progressive and supportive environment for study.

The College functions under its own Statutes and Ordinances. It has a Governing Body, and an executive Council of eighteen members is responsible for the day-to-day business of the College. The Mistress, Vice-Mistress, Bursar and Senior Tutor are ex-officio members of Council; other members are elected – nine fellows, three undergraduate members and two graduate members. Most College committees are set up by this Council. The student body, the JCR, is governed by its own constitution with anually elected officers (including a Welfare Officer). The JCR is represented at Council by three of its officers (normally the JCR President, Vice-President and the Council Representative. The JCR sends representatives to various committees set up to manage domestic matters in the College, such as accommodation, maintenance, gardens, catering and health and safety. In addition, the JCR may invite the Senior Tutor, the Bursar and any other College officers to attend Open Meetings and take part in discussions, if required, etc. The JCR members on the Council may also bring business directly to Council, but as representatives they are not mandated.