Planning Your Finances

It is important to understand and plan for the costs involved in studying at Cambridge. There are three elements to this:

  • University fees – This is the cost of your course. It covers teaching and access to faculty or department academic resources. Not all courses cost the same, and it is important to make sure you have identified any additional costs associated with your specific course.
  • College fees and charges – These are paid to the College and cover the cost of the facilities and support that Girton provides.
  • Maintenance costs – This covers your living costs whilst at Cambridge and includes accommodation, food, clothing, books etc.

The University fees, College fees and College accommodation costs (if applicable) are payable in advance each term. Colleges are responsible for collecting all fees on behalf of the University. If you are self-funding, the College will ask for a pre-payment sufficient to cover fees and residence charges for one term. This is held on account until your final fee-paying term.