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Living at Girton

Girton’s main buildings lie in beautiful spacious grounds two miles outside the city centre. You can walk on the grass here - the woods, orchard, gardens, lawns and sports fields that surround the College emphasise our open and informal atmosphere.


We have a state of the art library and excellent facilities for music. All sports facilities are on-site including football, rugby and cricket pitches; squash, volleyball courts, and a multi-gym. Girton is the only Cambridge College to have an indoor heated swimming pool, which has recently been refurbished. Find out more about the College estate and facilities in the Girton Today section.


Girton provides accommodation for all its students for a minimum of three years. All first year students live in the main building and are allocated a room before they arrive in College. Second and third year undergraduates have the choice of rooms in College, in a College-owned house, or Wolfson Court. There is also an all-female corridor in College which female students can choose to live on.

The student rooms vary in style and size, from the Victorian rooms in the original building to the modern en-suite rooms in Ash Court. There are bath- and shower-rooms on every corridor, all  rooms are furnished and are all single so no student has to share a room. Rooms from second year onwards are allocated through an annual student-run ballot; your position on the room-choosing list being determined by the type of room you have had in preceding years.  Students pay a residence charge which includes accommodation and all facilities and is fixed for their first three years. The residence charge includes the Christmas and Easter vacations, which means students do not need to clear their room. It also includes internet, heating and a subsidy towards the two college cafeterias. Students pay for their meals in the cafeteria and the subsidy allows us to sell meals at a reduced student rate.  


Meals are important social events in a college community. The main College site and Wolfson Court have attractive modern self-service cafeterias normally providing breakfast, lunch and evening meals for students and fellows during the week with lunch on Saturday and lunch and an evening meal on Sunday.  Many Girton undergraduates choose to eat in the cafeteria at Wolfson Court at lunchtime for convenience as it is close to the main University teaching sites. There is a wide choice of food including vegetarian options, hot and cold foods, a salad bar, sandwiches and there’s always great puddings and cake. There is also a formal served dinner every Thursday night in the College hall during term which students can purchase tickets for. This is a popular way to entertain friends from other colleges and celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. There are also communal kitchens on every corridor and cooking together is a popular student past time. We also have reciprocal dining rights with several colleges and an excellent bar.


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