Social Programme

Cambridge students will act as Student Assistants (SAs) throughout the summer programme. The SAs will organize social activities on afternoons and evenings to ensure students make the most of their Cambridge experience! Such SA-organized activities may include sports, a trip to a traditional pub, visits to other Cambridge colleges, punting on the River Cam, a visit to the famous King’s College Chapel, a walk along the River Cam to take tea at The Orchard Tea Room at Grantchester, or visits to the Fitzwilliam museum or the University Botanic Garden.

The summer programme also includes day trips to London and Oxford. In London students will be able to see many of the major sights, including the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, and will be offered the opportunity to take part in walking tours with the SAs or to visit some of the major art collections or museums, such as the National Gallery, the British Museum, or the Tate Modern.  In Oxford students will be give the chance to explore another of the UK’s famous university cities.

On the weekends students will have free time and so they may either choose to take part in activities with the SAs in Cambridge, or to travel independently. Summer students in Cambridge often take advantage of their time here to visit other notable places around the UK, such as Bath, Brighton, Stonehenge, and Edinburgh.

Summer Programmes

Dr Nick Godfrey
Director of Summer Programmes