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Sports facilities

Girton has the best on-site sports facilities of any Cambridge college

What facilities do we have onsite?

We have full-size well-maintained football, rugby, and cricket pitches. Hard courts for basketball, netball and tennis are also available. The John Marks Pavilion was opened in 2013, providing enhanced changing facilities and space to socialise. During the summer we also have grass tennis courts available. 

Inside, there is a squash court, an ergo room, a multi-gym equipped with free weights and a range of other equipment. Girton is the only college to have its own heated indoor swimming pool!

Who can use them?

Our sports facilities, including the swimming pool, pitches, gyms, tennis and squash court are for use by Girton College members and residential guests only. 

Members of the public cannot hire the swimming pool. However, we do have training and residential packages available out of term-time, so that external members are able to use our superb facilities. For more information, please contact:

Gym Memberships

Girton is unusual amongst Colleges in having three on-site gymnasiums. You will need your University Card to gain access.

  • The Multi-Gym is open to Girton College members only. No membership required.
  • The Weights Gym is open to Girton College members. Annual Membership required - see details below.
  • The Ergo Gym is open to the Girton College Boat Club members only.

Weights Gym Membership

Membership will be given for one academic year, from 1 October to 30 September. You can apply for membership at any time during the year. It is located near Pear Trees Suite.

College members that wish to use the Weights Gym must complete the two steps below, before access will be granted. 

  • Membership can be applied for at any time, during the academic year. 
  • You now must complete this form and induction at the start of a new academic year (from 1 October), as your membership will expire at the end of the previous academic year, on 30 September at midnight.

In order to apply for weights gym membership:

  1. Please complete the online form and medical questionnaire
  2. You will then need to complete the online Gym Safety Induction on Moodle. You will need to make sure the Gym rules and video induction are 'marked as done', on Moodle.

After completing this, you will be eligible to book gym sessions via the Porters' Lodge at the main site (Girton College) and a door card will be issued for the booked slot, this card will need to be returned after your session.

Please note that if you require assistance or would rather to have a in-person induction with the Head Groundsman, please email

Your membership will now only last for one academic year, expiring on 30 September at midnight. You will need to complete a new application form and the online safety induction for the new academic year, starting on 1 October (see details above).

Accessing the gym: You will need to book gym sessions via the Porters' Lodge at the main site (Girton College) and a door card will be issued for the booked slot, this card will need to be returned after your session.

Location: It is near Pear Trees Suite on main site (Girton College).

If you have any enquiries about your membership, or need to update your personal and/or medical details, please email

The Indoor Swimming Pool

Girton is the only Cambridge College to have its own heated indoor swimming pool. Refurbished in 2013, it is a Grade II listed swimming pool.

It is only open to Girton College members and residential guests.

The swimming pool can only be used by Girton College members and residential guests.

Please note the pool is 1.35 meters deep and that there is no Lifeguard on duty at any time, the College policy is for no lone swimming at any time. Swimmers must adhere to the rules when using the pool:

You gain access via your personal ID cards. You no longer need to sign a card out at the Porters' Lodge.

Monday10:00am – 10:00pm
Tuesday7:00am – 10:00pm
Wednesday10:00am – 10:00pm

7:00am – 10:00pm 

(closes earlier at 7:00pm during Formal Halls) 

Friday10:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday – Sunday7:00am – 10:00pm

The swimming pool is closed during Formal Halls, closures are at the discretion of the Porters’ Lodge and Girton College Maintenance Team.

There are 4 changing cubicles with showers and a combined wheelchair accessible changing room/shower/toilet.

Lockers are also available for which you will need a £1 coin to lock, which is returned when unlocked. 

These changing and showering facilities are also available for those using the gyms and squash court during pool opening hours.

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