Supporting an Applicant

When should they start?

To allow you to familiarise yourself with the application process we have made an Application Timeline, consisting of the major deadlines. It’s useful to start thinking about the application process half way through Yr 12 or equivalent as the Cambridge deadline for applications is the earlier date of 15th October.

Open Days

As well as the two University Open Days there are also college and departmental Open Days. Further details can be found on the University website. These are very useful events for applicants to find out whether the Cambridge course appeals to them, as they will need to be sure of this when applying.

Personal Statements

Many students start preparing their personal statements at the end of Yr 12 and will polish it up over the summer. Re-reading the personal statement will be useful as it may be referred to at interview. Candidates are encouraged to highlight in their personal statements how they have explored their subject outside of school.


It would be beneficial for applicants to get used to speaking about their subject, and outside interests as many students get nervous when called for interview as they are not used to talking confidently about these. However, learning answers to questions will not be helpful, as these are easily spotted and interviewers are trying to find out how students use the information they already know in unfamiliar situations.

For some subjects written work may be requested, and keeping a copy of this and re-reading it is also very useful. There is no requirement for applicants to wear a suit; smart casual clothes are perfectly acceptable.

Choosing a College

With regards to choosing a college, they are more alike than they are different and this can largely come down to personal preference. A great advantage to living at Girton is that all students have the opportunity to live in the main College site for at least two out of three years as well as having all our sports facilities on site and a well-stocked library. The year group of approximately 150 students is large enough to find plenty of like-minded friends and small enough not to become anonymous.

Girton offers places in all subjects except Education and History of Art. The admissions criteria are similar across the colleges but there can be some differences, so it is worth checking these. Subject specific requirements can be found on the subject pages.

Open Application

Applicants can also submit an Open Application, not choosing any college on the UCAS form. Their application will then be allocated to and administered by a college chosen by an algorithm, based on the number of applications in that subject the colleges have received.


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