Once They’re Here

Girton prides itself on the supportive environment it provides for its students. On arrival at Girton they are assigned both a Director of Studies and a Personal Tutor.

Academic Support

A Director of Studies, or ‘DoS’ is in charge of overseeing the academic progress of their students; they will arrange for Supervisors to teach them week by week, they will receive reports from the Supervisors on how their students are doing and will meet with the students once or twice a term to check that everything is going well. If at any time your son or daughter feels they are struggling or have any kind of problem with their course, their DoS is there to help and advise.

All students will have supervisions, from once to four times a week, which are one of the strengths of Cambridge teaching. These usually last an hour, with either small groups or individuals meeting with experts in the topic they are studying to discuss their work. These are an excellent chance for students to learn and ask questions, to have their work critiqued and to defend their own viewpoints. Work will be set and handed in at supervisions.

The core curriculum is organised and delivered centrally and is the same for all students regardless of college.

Pastoral Support

Students have a Personal Tutor assigned to them who is someone they can speak to and ask advice of. A student’s Personal Tutor and Director of Studies will work together where appropriate to make sure the student receives the support they need.

There are two College nurses who run surgeries in College for students to see about any health related issues. There are two College counsellors who are available for students to see confidentially at any point during the year. Students are required to register with a GP in Cambridge in case they do need to see a Doctor at any point and they are advised to let their Tutor, DoS and Supervisor know if they are unwell so as they can ensure support is given to them to allow them to complete their academic work.

Freshers (first year students) will be written to over the summer vacation before coming up to Cambridge by current undergraduate students who will act as their College ‘parents’ during their time here. At least one of these parents will be in the subject the student has a place for, and they will be there to show them round and answer any questions they may have.

There are various other people who students are able to go to depending on what kind of help they need; the Library, the Chapel, the Admissions and Tutorial Office, the Porters Lodge (which is open 24 hours a day) and indeed their peers are all able to give varying types of support!


Tutorial and Admissions Office
+44 (0)1223 338972