Nine Things You Should Know

Girton is committed to admitting students of the highest intellectual potential, irrespective of social, religious or financial considerations. We are not looking for a specific background or school, only academic ability and potential. Competition for places is strong and excellent grades are necessary but not essential for a place. We are looking for students with a passion for their subject, who will thrive on their chosen course and are prepared for a challenge. We encourage applications from the widest possible range of schools and colleges, either pre- or post-A-Level (or equivalent).

Places are offered on the basis of our assessment of a candidate’s academic potential alone; the candidate’s personal statement, school reference, previous academic record, performance at interview and, in some subjects, in a short written test at the time of interview are all taken into account in reaching our decision. In some subjects, a candidate may be asked to submit examples of school work.

Information on how a candidate uses their free time is useful in illustrating that they have spare capacity for life outside of work; there is no preference for a particular sort of activity that a candidate engages in and this will not compensate for a lower academic performance.

Below are typical offers Girton would make on some of the most common national examination systems. If you are taking an examination system that is not listed below, please contact the Tutorial and Admissions Office for advice.

Qualifications and Typical Offers:

QualificationLevel Required
A-LevelA*A*A (Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Medicine), A*AA (all other subjects). The subject in which the A* is to be achieved is unlikely to be specified in most cases. General Studies and Critical thinking are not part of any offers made by Girton.
International BaccalaureateA minimum of 41 points overall with 7,7,6 or (sometimes) 7,7,7 in three higher level subjects. If a candidate is taking at subsidiary level a subject deemed to be important for the proposed course of study, we would also ask for a 7 in that subject.
Scottish Advanced HighersGrades AAA. We are unable to consider applications from candidates with fewer than 3 Advanced Highers, but will consider applications with a mixture of Advanced Highers and A2 Levels.
Cambridge Pre-UD2, D3, D3. The subject in which the D2 is to be achieved is unlikely to be specified in most cases.
Irish Leaving CertificateH1 in 3 relveant Higher Level subjects and a strong Junior Certificate.  Medicine and Veterinary Medicine applicants may be required to take an IGCSE 9or equivalent) in the science subject not taken within the Certificate.
European BaccalaureateAt least 90% overall with 9.0 in specified subjects related to the proposed subject of study.
French Baccalaureate16 or 17 (‘mention tres bien’) overall with 16 or 17 in specified subjects related to the proposed subject of study.
AbiturAt least 1.2 overall with 14 or 15 in specified subjects related to the proposed subject of study.
Advanced placements and SATSGrade 5 in at leaast 5Advanced Placement Tests in appropriate subjectsanf high passes in the High School Diploma and the SAT.

All candidates made an offer for Mathematics or Computer Science with Mathematics will be expected to sit Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP).

In a limited number of cases, non-standard offers may be made, appropriate to particular circumstances.

If you have not yet completed your A-Levels (or other suitable qualifying examinations), any offer you are made will be conditional on you achieving certain grades in these examinations. If you apply after taking your A-Levels (or equivalent) your offer will normally be unconditional. Some people prefer to apply having seen their examination results.

When looking at your academic profile and the subjects you have studied we want to see if your studies will have prepared you well for courses at Cambridge. Therefore having at least two traditional academic subjects will be very useful to you in preparation, and will strengthen your application. For many of our courses it is necessary to have studied certain subjects at A-Level or equivalent, as preparation for the course at university level. Details of essential subjects, and those that are considered to be desirable or helpful, to study at Girton can be found on the individual subject pages. If you would like further advice on this, on options within your A-Levels or on carrying subjects on from AS to A2 level, please contact the Tutorial and Admissions Office. Further information on subject choices for A-Level can be found on the Subject Matters leaflet.

Normally we do not accept applications from students who are currently studying a course at another university. Students in this position considering applying are strongly advised to contact the Tutorial and Admissions Office.

We are happy to consider anyone who wishes to defer entry for one year, providing that we feel the student would really benefit from having a year out of academic life. We realise that many come to university better prepared to study because of it. Candidates who wish to take a gap year should have some idea of how they are going to spend their time and be prepared to talk about this at interview.

All gap year students are likely to benefit from revision or reading in the months before coming up to Cambridge. Please indicate that you wish to defer entry when you apply, as we are unlikely to be able to adjust your year of entry after an offer has been made.

There is no age requirement for admission to Girton, although the vast majority of our undergraduates are 18 years or older when they come into residence. Whatever your age you will need to demonstrate that you have the maturity and personal skills to cope with university level study.

There are age requirements for applicants for Medicine; students under the age of 18 cannot undertake any clinical elements of the Medicine course, which start in the second term of first year at the latest. Therefore, applicants should ensure that they’ll have reached the age of 18 by the start of the second term of their first year.

Affiliated students are students who already have a degree from another university and study for a Cambridge course in two years rather than three. Students applying for an affiliated place will be considered alongside all our other applicants and in the same way.

Please note that Girton does not accept applications from affiliated students for Architecture, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine.

Girton welcomes applications from people with disabilities. We strongly recommend that you disclose your disability in your UCAS application, so that if you are invited for interview we can contact you to discuss your specific needs and ensure that appropriate adjustments can be made, such as scheduling interviews in accessible rooms or allowing extra time in written tests etc. More information for students with a disability is available on the University website.

If you have any change in your circumstances at any point from submitting your application onwards, please keep the Tutorial and Admissions office informed.

Contact Information

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