Modern Languages Taster Day 2018

Thursday 18 October 2018- 10am-4pm

A day for Years 10 and 11 to encourage studying Modern Languages at university. Nominations for this day can be found here and close on September 28th.

In a growing global economy based on efficient communication and intercultural exchange, the ability to speak more than one language has never been more important. A Modern Languages degree not only develops language skills to the highest level, but offers the possibility to explore and understand other cultures through their history, writing, art, film, thinking and language development. Studying a language at university is not just an intellectual endeavour but also develops many skills highly valued by employers. It also incorporates the chance to spend a year in another part of the world.

Students will participate in one culture workshop and one language workshop. This year’s culture workshops are Spanish Civil War, French Literature, German Culture, and Cinema. The languages offered are French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Hebrew. The latter three are ab initio (aimed at complete beginners), and so offer students an opportunity to experience something completely new.

Participants from Girton College’s Modern Languages Taster Day 2018

Girton College and the Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages will be running a Taster Day for Year 10 and 11 pupils who are currently studying Modern Languages at GCSE and are considering further language study at A Level. The programme, which will take place at Girton College, will include workshops by University academics designed to inspire and enthuse GCSE students, and to introduce the study of this vibrant course at university level.

The day will:

  • Encourage students to keep and develop their interest in Modern Languages
  • Demonstrate the value of studying these subjects at university
  • Seek to allay any fears about starting a language ‘from scratch’ at university
  • Inform them about their A Level choices and how this will affect their university applications

Students will have the opportunity to meet with current undergraduate languages students, and experience both culture and language workshops in a language of their choosing.

There is no cost to attend the event. Lunch is provided, but we regret we are unable to cover travel expenses or offer overnight accommodation. If, for financial reasons, you would be unable to attend this taster day without travel reimbursement please contact the Schools Liaison Officer to discuss the support available. Teachers are not required to accompany students.

Nominations for this day are available here. Schools and colleges are able to nominate up to two students currently in Year 10 or 11 who are studying a Modern Language at school or college in the UK.

Nominating a student is not a guarantee that they will be given a place. Where we receive more nominations than we can accept, places will be allocated based on Widening Participation criteria, including the background of the school and the youth participation rate of the local area in Higher Education, based on POLAR3 data. For more information on POLAR3, please see here.

If you have any questions, or would like to be added to the mailing list for this event to get an alert when nominations open, please contact the Schools Liaison Officer on


Schools Liaison Officer
+44 (0)1223 338910