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Dr Kate Hughes

College position(s)

Fellow, Director of Studies


Veterinary Medicine

Specialising in

Non-Stipendiary Fellow

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BSc (Hons), BVSc (Liverpool), PhD, FRCPath, MRCVS (Veterinary Medicine), ACVP.

Research themes

I study the mammary gland and tumours developing in this tissue. My particular field of interest encompasses the interactions between different cell types within the mammary gland during regression at the end of lactation (mammary gland involution). As a veterinary pathologist, and active diagnostician, I also have wider interests in diagnostic veterinary pathology. I am particularly interested in companion animal neoplasia, especially mammary tumours arising in pet dogs and cats.


I am one of three Directors of Studies for Veterinary Medicine at Girton. I am also a Veterinary School Clinical Supervisor for Girton veterinary students. I supervise and support Girton veterinary, medical and natural sciences students for the second year courses Biology of Disease and Pathology. At the Veterinary School, I am involved in the delivery of the Pathology course to clinical veterinary students and I also assist in the training of Senior Clinical Training Scholars in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology.


I undertook my PhD at Girton and I was delighted to become an Official Fellow in 2012, having previously been a Bye-Fellow.

I was awarded the 2012 Royal College of Pathologists Gold Medal for Trainees in Research.

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