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Yelena Popova, 2016-17 Artist in Residence, opens end-of-year exhibition 'Elements: A Girton Adventure'

‘…the weight and meaning of industrialism and feminist thought weave through her works across Girton College’.

Eliza Gluckman, Curator NEW HALL ART COLLECTION, University of Cambridge

Girton’s artist residency dates from 2013. It enables early career visual artists to live and work in the College for up to a year. The hope is that their creativity will be influenced by us – by the history, geography and materiality of the site, by the Fellows, staff and students who inhabit it  – and that our thinking and practices might in turn be shaped by their presence.

‘Elements’ is part of this engagement. It is an art trail created by Yelena Popova, the third incumbent of the artist-in-residence scheme. Yelena’s predecessors are Colden Drystone (2013-14), and Sonny Sanjay Vadgama (2014-15), whose end-of-year exhibitions were mounted in the Judge Business School. Yelena, in contrast, entices us on a journey – a tour of the College and of her work, including items co-produced with students.

Visitors are encouraged to pick up a booklet from the Porters Lodge which includes a map of the trail and a guide to the artworks. We think you will find some iconic spaces transformed by the new exhibits; equally, you will see that many new works are inspired by the environment and operation of the College – 53 acres of gardens, woodland and grounds, mud, earth and ashes, the material trace of past generations, the energy of today’s youth.

The artist-in-residence scheme is, in short, part of a unique educational adventure with Girton  at its centre. We are grateful to the founders and funders who have made it possible. They are Suling Mead (1975, Economics) and Ruth Whaley (1974, English): two Girton alumni whose vision and energy have, like that of the artists whose work they support, truly made a difference.

Open to the public, admission free. Mon-Sun 9am-7pm until September 25th2017*

*NB Full exhibition available to view until Monday 26th June but please bear in mind when pieces are sold after this date they will be removed.

All pieces in ‘Elements’ are for sale and the proceeds support both the Artist and the Artist in Residence scheme at Girton. Please see the tour booklet for some images and price guide. If you would like to purchase any of Yelena’s work, please contact Tamsin Elbourn-Onslow.

Email: or by phone: 01223 765685