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Girton College Marks Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender flag. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

At Girton today we pause to honour the memory of all those transgender people whose lives have been lost in acts of anti-transgender violence.

Trans Day of Remembrance Displays at Girton College and Swirles Court created by the MCR LGBT+ Officer and MCR Women's Officer.
Trans Day of Remembrance Displays at Girton College and Swirles Court created by MCR LGBT+ Officer and MCR Women's Officer

Girton’s MCR LGBT+ Officer, Emily Tarry, says:

"Trans Day of Remembrance is a chance for us, as a college, to stand in support of those affected by transphobic violence. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support shown from our students, and I know that many from the trans community here at Girton have been very moved by it. I hope that most of you will find some comfort in the displays around college, or the service in Chapel, and to any of you for whom the day is of particular importance, that you understand that you are never alone at Cambridge. We stand with you.”

A short service of remembrance will be live-streamed from the College Chapel at 12 Noon (Friday 20 November).

The Chaplain, the Revd Dr Tim Boniface observes:

“Trans Remembrance Day brings to our attention the tragic reality that people’s lives have been torn from them simply because of how others judge their gender expression. Each of those who have died as the result of such persecution are, like all of us, children of God who were called to flourish in this world. In a short Christian liturgy at midday on Friday we will be taking time to remember those who have died this past year, to commend them to God, and to pray for our world and communities, that together we may grow towards living in a more welcoming and inclusive society.

I’m really grateful to the student body for their initiative in putting on this short service. In the midst of such painful remembrance, it speaks encouragingly of the link between Chapel life and the inclusion and celebration of diversity which we as a College community are keen to nurture. The Chapel will of course be open throughout the day for anyone wishing to mark Trans Remembrance in a private time of quiet reflection or prayer.”

The Mistress, Professor Susan J. Smith and the Senior Tutor, Dr Alexandra Fulton, on behalf of the College as a whole, write:

"Girton was founded for inclusion and aspires to be a community in which people are free to express their gender in all its diversity, without risking discrimination, harassment or violence. We value and enjoy the rich variety, the inspiration and the leadership that Girton’s transgender students, colleagues, alumni and friends bring to the life and work of this College. We stand firmly against anti-transgender hatred and against the aggression that destroys individuals, and diminishes all our lives. On this International Transgender Day of Remembrance we condemn the murder of the many victims of transphobic violence. And we look to do our part in creating a future without bigotry and hatred, in which individuals are free to be and believe in themselves."