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12 days of Bridgemas Foodbank Drive

poster image of the foodbank drive, a red food can surrounded by christmas

Girton’s Green Society (student-run) has enrolled the College in an intercollegiate foodbank drive to collect goods for the Cambridge City Foodbank. 

As well as being an inherently good thing to do, there is also a competitive element between Cambridge colleges. Last year, Girton came second so it would be tremendous if we came top of the league this year. 

The items the foodbank needs are as follows:

  • Toilet Rolls & Bags for Life
  • Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes
  • UHT Milk 
  • Tinned Fruit 
  • Tinned Rice Pudding/ Custard 
  • Tinned Meals eg. Chicken in sauce, chilli con carne 
  • Jam 
  • Noodles/ Rice 
  • Tinned Vegetables 
  • Pasta Sauce 
  • Long life Puddings 
  • Long life Fruit Juice 
  • Instant Coffee 
  • Cooking Oil 
  • Tinned Soup 
  • Snacks & Confectionery
  • Please note: they CANNOT distribute alcohol, bottled water or infant formula.  

Boxes will be in Porters’ Lodge for you to place items for collection from the Monday 20 November until Friday 1 December 2023

Cambridge City Foodbank expect to feed 5,000 people this winter- the busiest they’ve been in the 13 years since they were founded. 

For more information, visit: 

Keep up to date with the Girton Green Society on Instagram @girtongreensoc