This term's theme is Resistance and Resilience

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”. This proverb cited at the foundation of Amnesty International will
help us focus on the biblical themes of resistance and resilience, which seem all the more important in a time of
darkness, reaction and fear.


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Regular Services

Last service of Lent term: A special service of music and readings for Lent, Holy Week and Easter, 5:30 pm*

Speaker: The Chaplain  

The Choir will be joined by the cornetts and sackbuts of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (directed by Girton musician-in-residence, Jeremy West).

*please note the earlier start time

Special Services and Events

Tuesday 14 March, 9pm

Choral Candlelit Compline

Compline will be followed by refreshments and conversation. Take some space: unwind at the end of a hectic day. Be still for 20 minutes in the candlelight. No demands. No sermon.  


You can listen to the Girton College Chapel Sermons online and/or download them:

Chapel Community

The Chapel is a community and a haven for all College members. Playing an important and diverse role in College life – for those of all faiths and of none. Whether you are drawn by the quality of music or the need for a quite refuge. Those from outside the College are also welcome to join us, do contact the Chaplain (Revd Dr Malcolm Guite) if you could like to arrange a special visit.

The Chaplain is available to all members of college, and is happy to see people in confidence for any reason. He is there to be a friendly and compassionate presence, a good listener, and to help anyone seeking to find or deepen their faith, or to explore the spiritual dimensions of their life in Cambridge.

There are regular services, with a Sunday Choral Evensong sung by the Choir at Girton College, and a Thursday Informal Communion at Wolfson Court. There are Choral Complines which takes place late Tuesday evening by candle-light - a refreshing way to relax, especially popular in exam term. The College also marks a number of occasions and festivals throughout the year and attracts a variety of interesting and distinguished visiting preachers. Do make sure you check out the Chapel Term Card for more details. Most of the sermons are recorded and can be listened to online and/or downloaded via the University of Cambridge Streaming Media Service.

The Director of Chapel Music, Gareth Wilson, oversees the musical life of the Chapel and runs the College Choir. The Chapel Wardens assist the Chaplain in all practical matters relating to Chapel. The Chapel Committee meets termly to discuss all issues relating to Chapel life.

In 1902, the Chapel building itself was added to the College, fulfilling a particular wish of the founder Emily Davies. It provides a beautiful setting for worship but also a quiet space for meditation and reflection. It has a Chapel library and 'prayer corner' for individuals and small groups to use, apart from the main pews.