Undergraduate Accommodation

Girtonians normally live in College or (after their first year) Wolfson Court, throughout their course of study as undergraduates. Rooms are allocated for the whole year for use during the dates specified under the residence dates. It is only in exceptional circumstances that you may give up your room during the year and Tutorial permission is required.

First year students are normally expected to live in College and rooms are automatically allocated before they come into residence.

Room choosing for second and third year students takes place during the Lent term. It is run by the JCR Curator under the overall supervision of the Senior Tutor. Full details of how the systems works are sent to students at the beginning of the Lent term. It is currently College policy not to provide college accommodation for fourth year students.

A number of the rooms available to second and third year students are in College houses in the grounds of the College or on Girton Road. Each student allocated a room in a College house will be required to sign an undertaking jointly with all the other occupants, accepting responsibility for any damage to either house or garden.

Room exchanges are allowed only in exceptional circumstances, and you should see both your own and the Senior Tutor for permission. An administration fee may be applied to any permitted room changes.

All student rooms have a bed, desk, desk chair, armchair, wardrobe, bookshelf, notice-board and reading lamp. Carpets, curtains, and a mattress are provided, but students should bring their own towels, duvet and duvet cover, pillow and other bedding, or purchase these from the House Services Manager.

All students are required to agree a room inventory on arrival. The inventory is checked when you leave and any losses or damage must be accounted for.

Student rooms are decorated every five years and soft furninishings are replaced on a regular schedule. You are not permitted to decorate your room yourself. Any urgent requests for redecoration should be addressed directly to the House Services Manager at Girton or the Housekeeper at Wolfson Court.

Your room key and keys for furniture (when available) are collected from the Porters’ Lodge at Girton or Wolfson Court at the start of the year. In addition the College has a security access systems in operation on all of its main entrances for which you require an access card. The card is also used for the College’s cashless till system in its dining hall and the cafeteria at Wolfson Court. Information about the card system will be supplied to you on arrival.

Access cards and keys carry a deposit charge again loss which is notified on the fees sheet. Your keys are issued to you for your use only; you should not lend them to anyone or allow duplicate keys to be made.

Basic catering facilities, intended for modest catering (ie snacks only), are provided on most corridors and in all College houses. Utensils, crockery and cutlery are not provided, and students should bring their own. However please be aware that storage space is very limited in all kitchens. Chip pans and deep fat fryers are not permitted as they are a fire hazard.

Please make sure that you clean up after cooking. All washing up should be done before the cleaning staff arrive in the morning. Out of date food left in fridges will be disposed of by cleaning staff.

Cooking is not permitted in student rooms.

Your room will be cleaned each week. If you work regularly in the mornings, you must arrange with a mutually convenient time with your cleaner for regular weekly cleaning. Students are expected to make their own beds and do their own washing up.

If you purchase a fridge for use in your room, it is your responsbility to clean and defrost it. You must not expect your cleaner to do it for you. Fridges may not be left or stored in College during the long vacation.

You will be charged for any damage to your room, its carpet and its furniture beyond normal wear and tear.

Please use picture hooks (not drawing pins, nails, blu-tack or white-tack) for attaching posters and pictures to your walls, and blu-tack (or equivalent) on doors or wood. Sellotape should not be used on any surface.

Blown light bulbs and other minor faults should be noted in the report-book at the Porters’ Lodge. For anything more serious, you should contact the House Services Manager or Maintenance Secretary as appropriate.

The College provides only background heating but if this fails or is unsatisfactory, you should see the Maintenance department. The level of heating can be checked and often improved. However please try to avoid unnecessary heat loss – rooms cannot stay warm if windows are left open. Girton is not an economical building to heat and heating bills have to be paid – in part by you.

Your room door has a holder for a card showing your name as occupant. You may wish to add a small pad or roll of paper to allow visitors to leave messages. Please do not add pictures, posters and other personalisation to the corridor face of your door – the fire officer will require any corridor posters to be removed.

You must obtain a separate television license for any television set used in your room.

In College token-operated washing machines and driers are to be found on the ground floor in Hospital, Orchard and Woodlands wings. There is also a laundry at Wolfson Court. Tokens may be purchased at each Porters’ Lodge.

The College is not responsible for the loss of property; no employee of the College is authorised to alter this ruling. Articles of value and money should always be kept locked up and you are strongly advised never to leave your room door unlocked. Sneak-thieves often make a practice of visiting Colleges at the start of the new year, as they are full of people as yet unfamiliar to each other.

The College arranges for a basic level of contents insurance cover for all students in residence via the College’s insurance broker. The cost of this is charged to each student on their College bill. Further information can be found on the Student Contents Insurance web page.

No smoking anywhere except external designated smoking areas.

Some basic food items can be purchased through the cafeteria. Otherwise the Co-Op supermarket on Girton Road (just beyond the bridge) is the shop closest to College. There are other shops at the far end of Thornton Road and the BP Service Station on on Huntingdon Road.