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Matriculation Dinner 2020

Matric dinner 2020

Welcome to your Matriculation dining event

Take a look back at all the selfies from the special Matriculation event:

Girton Matriculation Dinner 2020

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  • Mariella Hartley's Household Group selfie Winners
  • Zhengkang Qu - Household Group selfie Runner Up
  • Liang Zhao - Individual selfie Winner
  • Harshita Sukhija - Individual selfie Joint Runner Up
  • Antonin Jean - Individual selfie Joint Runner Up
  • Izzy Porter - Special prize (for obvious reasons)

A take-away picnic is not how we normally do things, but tonight is a fine celebration nevertheless of the success and potential of Girton’s newly matriculated students.

We are pleased and proud that you have joined this College, and as evening falls we invite you to chill out with a cocktail or a mocktail, and listen to this ‘lockdown’ performance by the Gir-ten of Jock McKenzie’s bluesy-dowappy ‘Creature’s Comfort’. 

What better way to follow that up than a little bit of Jazz from our very own Chaplain. Here is Revd Dr Tim Boniface playing, on both Sax and Piano (!),  Willard Robison's Old Folks - a fabulous 1938 jazz standard.

It is traditional for the Girton College Chapel Choir to sing grace before the Matriculation Dinner. Today they present O thou, the central orb by Charles Wood; one of his most-loved pieces it is a setting of a text also used by Orlando Gibbons.

Finally, what better way to start your Matriculation Dinner than by listening to the stunning strains of Elsa’s Procession.

A fragment from Act II, Scene 4, of Wagner’s Romantic opera Lohengrin, this version was arranged by Ian Shepherd and is a Gir-Ten lockdown recording originally prepared for our online graduation celebration last July.

It should get you nicely on the path to your degree, and en route you can enjoy this fabulous slide show of Girton’s ‘best bits’.

It is traditional for the Mistress to give a speech at the Matriculation Dinner. Today’s speech was recorded this afternoon in the Reception Room. It includes an introduction to some aspects of your College that may surprise you. It comes with warm wishes for a splendid evening from The Mistress and Fellows of the College and from the many support staff who have helped create this ‘blended’ matriculation event.