What your Legacy can do for Girton

Securing Financial Sustainability

The area of College life that your legacy supports is of course up to you; however, because legacies are realised over the longer term, the very best way to help is to leave a gift to the permanent endowment. A gift, whether large or modest, invested in the permanent endowment capital creates a legacy that will last in perpetuity. The capital remains unspent while the interest is used to underpin every activity in the College.


Making a gift to the permanent endowment will not prevent your name, or the name of someone you wish to be remembered, from being linked to a building, a Fellowship, a bursary, a prize or other aspects of College life should you so wish.


You may like to know that Girton’s endowment and investments are professionally managed, and supervised by a committee which includes qualified alumni and College Officers.

Supporting Scholarly Excellence

At the heart of Girton’s mission is the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research. Our ability to provide a world-class education in a research-infused environment is crucially dependent on attracting the very best scholars to our Fellowship. The creation of many of our research and teaching posts has only been possible because of the generosity of our benefactors and we continue to seek support in this area. Only in this way can we secure Girton’s distinctive educational ethos for the future and ensure that the College remains a place that is at once challenging and supportive – what one recent student has described as “a safe place to be intellectually daring”.

Adding Breadth to Depth

The hallmark of a Girton education is an emphasis on all round personal development. We recognise that transferable skills, together with opportunities to engage with music, sports, literature, poetry and the arts, are all complementary to scholarly success. A legacy left to any of these areas of College life will enable Girton to continue to offer the diverse and enriching experience that it does today.

Creating the Physical College

Girton is built on bequests. Over the years, the memory of our major donors, or of their families and friends, has become quite literally written into the fabric of the site: the Stanley Library, the Eliza Baker Court, the Duke Building, to name but a few. This is a wonderful way to celebrate and commemorate those whose wisdom and vision have made the College what it is. We would like to continue that tradition as we add names to a whole range of facilities across the College from wings, colonnades and courts to sporting and musical facilities.


For a confidential discussion on any aspect of leaving a legacy please contact the Legacy Officer.

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